Rising Dragon Feng Shui

2021 Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology Seminars

Do you want to make 2021 a Breakthrough year for you?
Do you want to know how to make things easier, happier, better?
Then book Master Angela Ang to present the Feng Shui Outlook for 2021.

In this exciting seminar, Master Ang will cover a large number of key aspects for everyone wanting to make 2021 year of the Metal Ox, a success!

Topics include:

  • 2021 Year of Metal Ox- Introduction
  • What Yang Metal means Qualities of Ox
  • Symbolic meaning of Ox
  • Bazi of Ox people, celebrities who are Ox year
  • Health in Ox year, what it represents, what to watch out for
  • Global outlook Stock market and Economic outlook
  • Feng Shui 2021 – 9 cycles Flying Stars
  • What each number represents and where?
  • Tai Sui Clash, Year Breaker
  • 5 Yellow star
  • 2 Black star
  • 3 Killings star
  • Positive and negative sectors
  • How to avoid negative
  • How to activate positive
  • How to maximise your positive potential and minimise your negatives potentials in 2021
  • 12 Animal Signs Forecasts In Matters Of Wealth, Career, Romance, Health And Family in the year of the Metal Ox.
  • Question & Answer Session