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Protect yourself from contagious diseases & create a healing environment Remote Consultation



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This service is to answer the many requests on “How to Protect myself and my Loved ones from contagious diseases using Feng Shui and the natural earth energies?”

Smart people are  Pro-Active and Take action to have more protection.

Feng Shui is an easy way to Protect yourself and your loved ones by having knowledge of where the sickness Chi (Energy) is in your house & how to avoid it.

Then find out the location of healing Chi in your home and use that to boost your immune system and protect yourself and your loved ones from contagious disease epidemics.

Master Angela Ang offers you the Contagious Diseases Protection Plan.

This plan is via telephone, Whatsapp, Whatsapp video or Skype consultation with Master Angela Ang who will give you her expert advice on:

What to do if you don’t want to get sick.

Step 1. Where is the sickness Chi (Energy) in your house?

You must to know where is the sickness Chi in your house.

These are areas of your home which will weaken and damage your immune system.
With a weak immune system, you will be more susceptible to contagious diseases and
if you are already sick it will be harder for you to heal. 

Once we find out where is this “sickness prone room” we want to know, who is in that room?
Is it your elderly parents? Who is likely to get sick? 

In every house there is going to be a “sickness prone room”
– you need to know which room is it? Who is in that room? So that you can try and mitigate and or fix it.

Step 2. Check if are you activating the sickness energy?

In my 20 years of consulting, I find majority of people activate their sick energy and bad luck areas of their home without even knowing it!!
Why? Because they are not trained as Feng Shui Masters, they are regular people who do not know what they are doing.
So they activate their bad luck and sickness energy all the time and suffer.
That’s why they have:

  • low energy,
  • low immune system,
  • get sick easily,
  • they are grumpy
  • bad mood all the time
  • find it so hard to lose weight and
  • don’t sleep well at night

These are all signs!!

Step 3. I will show you How to De-activate the sick energy and the bad luck negative energies in your home.

What you can use to prevent sickness energy and negative things from coming into your home.

Step 4. Where is the Healing Chi (Energy) in your house? And how do you access this healing Chi (Energy) from the heavens?

I will show you where and how.

5. For those who are more spiritual, I will give you Free Gift: Secret Esoteric cures to help protect you and keep you and your family safe
  1. Where is the Healing Chi (Energy) in your house? And how to access this healing Chi (Energy) from the heavens?
  2. Protection you can have and use immediately in your home.

Extra Free Bonus 

Sacred Mantras music to protect your home specifically for contagious diseases.

Teach you Sacred esoteric Buddhist protection cures available for immediate use.

FAQ: What to do if you are already sick or you have symptoms? 

Answer: I will show you how to create a healing environment and how to put protection on your home.

What do I need to provide for Master Angela Ang to do consultation?

  1. Best is if you can provide floor plans that have been drawn to scale. 2nd Best, floor plans, not to scale. 3rd best No Floor plans but photos of your home and video consultation.
  2. Optional, but good to know. Approximate time scale your house/apartment building was built.
  3. Photos of the rooms in your house which you can send by WhatsApp or email .
  4. Compass direction using your phone or regular compass. All phones can have a compass App on it. It does not matter if you don’t know how to take a compass direction. Master Angela Ang will help you.

How is consultation given?

Master Angela Ang will consult with you by phone or by WhatsApp or Whatsapp video or Skype. Consultation will be last up to approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. 1 Free follow up via email.


” I feel so much better and more secure now that I have had Master Angela Ang video chat with me and seen my home. I finally feel protected from this epidemic.” Mrs S White

” My wife was fearing for her life and wanted to run away to Wales. Now we have had a consultation with you, she is much calmer, happier and feels safer and more secure. I think the Feng Shui advice worked!! “
Tom Anderson

” The peace of mind and feeling safe again was worth every penny!! If you are worried about contagious diseases, definitely have a consultation with Master Angela Ang. She is so cheerful and positive and so knowledgeable. You will definitely feel way better after speaking to her and getting your home diagnosed and protected.” Mrs Rita Carver

“I never knew what I was doing was activating sickness energy in my own home. After I followed Angela’s advice my son’s coughing did stop. I wish I had known from earlier.” Jessica Wong

How to Book: Pay online with this link. After you have made payment, Master Angela Ang will contact you to arrange a consultation time and request floor plans and photos from you. You will have floor plans from when you bought your home. If you do not have floor plans, you can draw them by hand. If you cannot draw, then just send photos.

Protect yourself from contagious diseases & create a healing environment (Home Safety Check) Remote Consultation
Bronze Level: Fees are £99 for 45 minutes to 1 hour with 1 email follow up

Protect yourself from Corona Virus & create a healing environment (Home Safety Check) Plus career & relationships Remote Consultation
Silver Level: For Silver Level, you will receive all the information for Bronze plus Silver. Silver is if you if you are worried about your career prospects and relationship needs help.
If you want Feng Shui to help your career and relationships, and know how to improve it, choose Silver Level.
You can ask 3 questions
(ie. How likely am I to get sick this year? What can I do to improve my career prospects? How do I stop arguing with my partner? )
Discounted fees £199.
Expected duration up to approx 1 hour 15 mins. 1 email follow up.

Legal Disclaimer we need to put in from our insurance company

We do not intend to cure, diagnose or treat any disease nor do we make any claims to do so. Feng Shui is not a replacement or alternative to government and medical recommendations and guidance. It is intended to be used in addition to, rather than instead of, medical treatment. It is primarily intended as a traditional additional means to prevent illness and secondarily as an extra support method in addition to common and medical sense if illness does arise.

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