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Motorola’s Secret Patented Feng Shui Technology

Feng Shui often seems inconceivable. It can sound a tall tale that the difference between normal and depressed is just a few degrees on the compass or that moving into a certain building will turn a God fearing prude into…
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Can Feng Shui Help Us Keep Warm?

Snowfall in Keswick, England

What with #theBeastFromTheEast causing households across Britain to wrap up and close the windows as The Met Office predicts temperatures of minus 10 – 15ºC, I’m feeling fairly confident in my preparations for what the press are dubbing “The Great British…
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Rising Dragon Feng Shui’s New London Address in Oxford Circus

Oxford Circus tube in Central London

It’s been more than a decade since Rising Dragon Feng Shui made London it’s home. Initially our busy little Feng Shui consultancy was based out of ace Wimbledon, having moved there from our birthplace in Buckingham via Vancouver. We’ll still…
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How To Tell If The Chinese New Year Lion Dancers Are Doing It Right

Lion and Dragon Dance costumes on Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Lion dancers are a traditional part of Chinese New Year celebrations. Although the colour, noise and movement is fascinating, many people are unaware that there is a lot of symbolism in the dance. Unlike modern dance, one must train hard…
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