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The Year of the Water Tiger Arrives 2002

Water Tiger Feng Shui and astrology 2022

Ren Yin, the Water Tiger, is soon to make a splash down! Whilst the Chinese New Year begins in accordance with the lunar calendar, on 1st February 2022, the solar calendar governs Feng Shui. That changes 4th February 2022. Lunar year governs Bazi astrology, solar year, Feng Shui. And there’s lots of changes coming up!

We all know that Tigers are bold and fearless animals. Tigers in the wild have been known to kill bears and even crocodiles on their patches, and in the past Tigers kept in human captivity have been known to kill lions, making it clear who the real king is. Tigers are significantly bigger, stronger and more dangerous than even lions…

This makes them the most feared predator on earth and the most terrifying of the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

Which side of the equation do you fall on in 2022? Fearless leader or all or helpless prey hunted by vicious beasts? This is a personal thing calculated not just by comparing your year of birth to the tiger but by calculating your full Bazi Chinese astrology using your full date of birth rather than just the year.

At the same time, the change in Feng Shui energies those couple of days after Chinese New Year will see our household energetics shift. One may have been tapping into good qi during 2021 but now, it may move elsewhere and be replaced with sickness or argument bringing bad sha qi (literally translated as “killing energy”).

Because the move to Tiger also represents the shift from the Water season to the Wood, there’ll be bigger shift in some ways as the dominant qi shifts phase. For some of us, increases in Wood qi can result in imbalances that make us irritable or grumpy.  Others may experience symptoms like IBS or constipation that can drag both moods and health down. Others may experience declines in energy or memory. Will it be you or those close to you?

To reveal every secret and change would require a comprehensive report. So you’ll be glad to know that’s what offer!

Unlike the template based information some other Feng Shui consultants might give you, we still craft ours by hand to make unique and personalised reports specific to you. We also offer our annual Feng Shui updates for all our previous clients so that they can update on what the change of Feng Shui year means for them.

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