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Feng Shui of The White House

When hearing the term, the White House, it’s commonly associated with the house used by the president of America. But there are many historic White Houses around the world – the UK being home to at least six! Among these the White House in Richmond was built in 1832 for Sir William Cooper, chaplain to King George III.

Official Fitzroy Gate introduction video by St James

Set in acres of riverside parkland, it was recently brought a whole new lease of life by a collaboration between St James – part of the Berkeley Group – and Beechcroft Developments. Beechcroft made a careful conversion of the White House itself whilst St James created the exclusive luxury Fitzroy Gate development within the grounds.

At the gates to the Fitzroy Gate development in Richmond
At the gates to the Fitzroy Gate development in Richmond

Naturally such a rare opportunity to acquire a property within such a historic private estate in one of London’s most affluent areas meant that the development was carried out to the highest specifications and would undergo intense scrutiny from buyers.

Fitzroy Gate Feng Shui Assessment report cover
Fitzroy Gate Feng Shui Assessment report cover

As part of their commitment to meeting the needs of their buyers, St James enlisted the help of Rising Dragon Feng Shui to provide an assessment of the Feng Shui of the entire development.

Pages from the Fitzroy Gate Feng Shui report
Pages from the Fitzroy Gate Feng Shui report

Master Ang and the Rising Dragon Feng Shui team surveyed both the area within which the development sits as well as the houses within St James’ Fitzroy Gate development to create a Fitzroy Gate Feng Shui Assessment Report for buyers. Published in both English and Chinese, the report was well received as the development promptly sold out!

When buying a house, there are many things a buyer should consider from a Feng Shui perspective:

  • Is the house I’m buying in an area that is prosperous?
    Whilst you can change what room you use as a bedroom or an office, this won’t help you as much as just buying in an area that receives an excellent quality of qi. Optimal room use when in poor qi is just minimising a bad situation. Doing it when it good qi gives the opportunity to be world class.
  • Does the development I’m buying a house in accord with good Feng Shui?
    In general a balance between the elements and yin and yang is required for a site to be suitable for residential purposes. Additionally, we may find extra support by looking at some of the compass based schools of Feng Shui such as Xuan Kong Da Gua (64 Hexagram style Feng Shui) or Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star Feng Shui)
  • Is the specific house I’m making an offer on suited to me?
    Because each individual has their own unique energy field, it is ideal to consult with a Rising Dragon Feng Shui master prior to making an offer to check whether the energy field is suitable for you personally. If you have chosen a house in an area of prosperous qi, within a well designed development then this final qualifier will mean that you can be certain you’ll enjoy many happy years growing personally and financially whilst at the home.

Due to the individual nature of the final point, we can’t provide it within a Feng Shui assessment provided to the general public but we can give you the first two pointers. You can then consult your Feng Shui advisor or call us for the final compatibility check if the house meets your other requirements such as budget, proximity to work, schools and transport links, ambience etc.

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