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Save Your Bacon in the Year of the Earth Pig

I won’t mince my words – a new year has given the chop to the Year of the Earth Dog. How do we get off to a crackling start? Will the politicians spend another year ribbing one another? Is the world going to go completely trotters? Let’s take a look at the great hog roast ahead of us.

Today is the official start date for Chinese New Year is Tuesday 5th of February 2019, and this refers to the start of the lunar year. For Feng Shui and Ba Zi astrology, we use the solar new year as the main starting point and that begins a day earlier on the 4th of February 2019. On that day, we began the Year of the Earth Pig, or Ji Hai in Chinese. Happy New Year!

The Earth Pig has many virtues. For one, it marks the start of the season of water qi, who’s river runs till 2022. As the growth sign of the season, it can bring an increased desire to travel in us, a complete reversal from the Earth Dog which saw so many of us want to bunker down and baton up the hatches.

At the same time, the Earth Pig will bring new challenges. For example, the Pig takes argument with those with the sign of the Snake in their chart and it can stress those of the Monkey. It brings the calamitous “Three Killings” to those with the Monkey, Rooster or Dog in their astrology or Feng Shui. These are just a few of the things due to change…

The Rabbit will have to bear the brunt of the Litigation and Salty Pool stars for the year.

The Dragon is the new bearer of the Death Charm star whilst Horse will have to find a way of coping with the Brutal Defeat star looming over it.

Goat must contend with unhealthy White Tiger star influencing it’s Qi whilst those born with the sign of the Tiger in their chart face several obstacle stars like the Death God and Solitary stars. Even the Ox, who fared so well in 2018 now has 7 negative stars to contend with and the Rat and the Pig itself are not immune – both also face difficulties in some aspects of their life.

What can be done?

Like all things, education is key. One cannot succeed against what one does not know! However if you know that you are in for a challenge in your health, relationships or work life, can you plan for it and take actions that reduce it’s impact? Of course one can! The whole benefit of astrology is that it allows us to manage risk far more effectively than blundering unconsciously into situations and then hoping that we can find a plan that works… after the gun has already gone off.

It’s not necessary to learn the whole system of Chinese metaphysics. Indeed studying just Feng Shui or Ba Zi astrology alone can take many years before proficiency is achieved. The quick route to saving your bacon in 2019 therefore is simply to book a New Year’s reading – or update if you’re already a client – with Master Ang. She’ll explain quickly and simply what is likely to affect you, in what aspect of your life it’ll show and what sorts of things you could do as an intelligent response to minimise the troubles it may bring. Much easier than ending up hog roast!

Give us a call or whatsapp on 07842 919878 or pop in an email and we’ll get you booked in for your Chinese New Year 2019 update quickly so you’re ahead of the crowd when it comes to playing your cards right this year.