Rising Dragon Feng Shui

The Rotten Problem of Mold

Dr Tom O'Bryan

Many places have suffered from extreme water issues lately, like Southern USA where I am right now, the Caribbean and many people in Asia and the news as well as my astrology suggests more to come.

One thing that is now starting to come up on the radar of medical professionals as a result of this is that molds seem to be causing more health problems than in the past. It’s been speculated that the use of preservatives and other fungicides on wood timber used within the construction of buildings has caused the black mold that many people may have seen in bathrooms and other damp areas to mutate. These new strains of black mold give off toxins that suppress the human immune system which then allows other problems to arise, such as bacteria, viral or systemic mold infestations.

What types of things can be caused by mold? It seems that everything from skin rashes to fatigue to ADHD to brain fog to autoimmune disorders can have a link into this silent danger.

With there being so many homes here in the USA, especially in Florida and Texas, which have faced flooding this year, the threat of mold invading the timbers of these buildings as the damp subsides is very real. It’s also surprisingly common back home in the UK. A poorly ventilated kitchen or bathroom or cracks in external brick walls which let rain water into the building’s cavity walls are common sources. I always check for this where my Feng Shui calculations indicate a problem of negative energy since Sha Qi will manifest in one way or other and toxic mold can literally ruin your life. That serious.

One man leading the charge for awareness of this is Dr Tom O’Bryan, a leading expert on the immune system. Here’s a recent video he did on Facebook Live to give a quick overview of this. I highly recommend watching it if you’re not already aware of just how serious a problem this is: