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Getting Pregnant With Feng Shui

Pauline gets pregnant!

You might have heard about how I love to help you ladies get pregnant using Feng Shui or read some of my tips on pregnancy care with Feng Shui in the national press, but one of the loveliest things my clients have done is taken the time to pay it forward by sharing their good news in their own words. Here’s a video I was gifted by one couple I’ve had the honour of working with:

Pauline's Feng Shui experience

Pauline and her husband have a lovely family, whilst for me, my customers are like my extended Rising Dragon Feng Shui family! Each time a couple start to live more in balance with the natural laws governing the universe, it warms my heart and I get hope that we can make a better world for all these children. Feng Shui can help this aim in many ways:

  1. Helping create an atmosphere of affection in the house is something I consider a prerequisite for conscious parenting
  2. Giving insights into when are the best times to try for children – this is important since even for those for whom conception is no issue, there will be time periods where it’s more likely that the child will have a temperament that challenges it’s parents. Better to look for the time periods where the qi that will go into the child is supportive and nourishing to the parents so that everyone in the family feels great about one another
  3. Balancing and supporting the Qi of the couple trying for pregnancy – it’s hard to even have a loving relationship if you’re out of balance internally and externally, let alone have the physical conditions within the body for that love to transform into a family
  4. Insulating against troubles or excessive stresses during pregnancy – life is about ups and downs and that’s often a good thing, giving us challenges which develop our character and purpose. But pregnancy is not a good time to be too challenged. Shepherding the mother away these difficulties is common sense, although performing the calculations to diagnose when and where they would arise is complex. Metaphysics allows us to avoid issues proactively, something far better than trying to run away from problems after they arise
  5. Providing the right conditions for the newborn baby to thrive and develop – babies are delicate and the years from birth to age 5 are crucial times in their development. We want their mind, body and soul to develop fully and normally during this time as it will form the blueprint for much of their adult life

Of course this is just speaking in general. The study of how Qi relates to pregnancy is very detailed within the Chinese traditions, For example, we say everything has a Yang, or masculine aspect, and a Yin, or feminine aspect. Heaven is considered Yang whilst Earth is Yin. Heaven supplies the unseen energy that makes life possible yet the Earth’s feminine aspect provides the creative force for physical expression of life. Within a human this means that the heart and above are where the Shen or spirit resides, our Heavenly Yang aspect. The kidneys and lower are the Yin aspect which stores the Qi. This division of the body is called the warp and it is important that there is balance between them. Too much fire in the Heavens will dry up the water qi beneath. Too much water qi and the spirit becomes too Yin.

In addition, it’s part of the Chinese system to consider that part of the Mother’s soul that invites in the pregnancy, guiding the soul of the child into rebirth as a new born baby through the creative force of the Mother’s soul. All humans have multiple aspects to the soul and it’s possible for us to loose part of it or have it frightened. Old English sayings like “A little bit of me died right then“, “I lost my fighting spirit” or “I have felt in pieces ever since” describe quite well things that the Chinese shamans have worked with for thousands of years.

It may be necessary for the mother to call home all of her soul before bringing forth new life but equally it may be that one or more aspects of it are present but are in need of healing due to trauma caused by intense disturbing emotions. Without the Mother’s soul being whole and fully present to guide the soul of the child into the fetus and through pregnancy, her weakened state raises the chances of issues, both pre and post conception. Healing rituals and techniques can help shed the soul blockages and call all aspects of the soul home into one integrated self once more. This soul healing work can also be important where abortions or failed pregnancies are part of your history.

I have touched briefly here on just two points and I could go on all night. Only by calculating the Qi of you and your partner and your house can we see where blockages lie and get to the nitty-gritty of what will make a difference in your case. Yet I hope by having given some food for thought on what traditional Chinese Feng Shui considers important you can understand that it’s not about interior design, as although we do include aesthetics as something of value, we know whether your house looks visually attractive isn’t likely what stops conception. Rather it’s about your relationship to Earth and nature. The role of the Feng Shui Consultant today is still the same as the shamans of the past – it’s to help you get back into balance so that you can achieve your goals.

As it’s said in the ancient texts “Heaven is Yin and Yang in perfect harmony. From this, all the ten thousand things were born”.

Are Yin and Yang balanced within your relationship? How about just within your own mind and behaviours? No? The Qi of the outside informs that of the inside and that’s where a Feng Shui consultant can help by making specific diagnosis for you of where the imbalance comes from. Soon after, you may find that both with your partner and your own internal dialogue there’s a little more balance which makes all the difference. And who knows? Maybe the next baby bump will be on you!

If you would like to talk about how I might be able to help you get pregnant with Feng Shui, please do drop me a line!