Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Designing the Future

青龍返首 - The Dragon Rises

Have you ever thought about reincarnation? Perhaps you believe in it either through your own intuition or spiritual path. Maybe you’ve tried Theta Healing, Past Life Regression or similar modern therapies built around it? Perhaps you’ve looked at destiny analysis using divination systems like Ba Zi which can only be explained by things being predestined? How can we use this belief to propel us forwards?

It’s useful to see how our past lives are informing what we do today.

It’s perhaps even more important to contemplate that the children of tomorrow are you and I.

Poster that reads "Explain to future generations it was good for the economy... when they can't farm the land, breathe the air and drink the water"

Explain to future generations it was good for the economy… when they can’t farm the land, breathe the air and drink the water

We cannot go back and change the past, but we can start building a better tomorrow from today. We must stop thinking of what is important to us right now and instead prioritise what will always be good. We must start trying to design the world of tomorrow to be the world we would want to live in… because we will!

What things are universally useful? There are two aspects: internally and externally.

Externally, I feel we should try hard to treat lightly on the Earth, to create and maintain as much healthy biodiversity in nature as possible and to work to help other beings be free to live. After all what if we were to be reborn as an animal? How would we feel about the habitats that have been taken away? What if we were a life form like a fish, that is subjected to mass genocide on a daily basis, and if avoiding the fishermen’s nets wasn’t enough, had to put up with the water being filled with toxic pollution and rubbish? Worse, what if we were born into a modern factory-farm?

“Strictly speaking, no activity and no industry is possible without a certain amount of violence, no matter how little. Even the very process of living is impossible without a certain amount of violence. What we have to do is to minimize it to the greatest extent possible.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

You can therefore see we need to strive to create healthy places for wildlife, to live harmoniously with it and to protect it from captivity, hunting or wars. This is the essence of ahimsa or peaceful living. Whether it is avoiding killing by being vegetarian or avoiding killing by using environmentally safe cleaning products, we should investigate how our lifestyle affects the wider world and take active steps to ensure that we are not unconsciously creating problems for others and our future selves through ignorance, laziness, pride, hatred or greed.

Internally, we have greater control over what we’ll take from this life to the next as our mindstream continues, although often the memory of former lives fades upon rebirth. Internally the things that are dear and always worth building are generosity, morality, patience, firm resolve, concentration and wisdom. These are The Six Perfections or Paramitas spoken of by Buddha Shakyamuni and make a great deal of sense in that they not only prepare our future lives to be comfortable and blessed, but they fill our days in this lifetime with greater happiness.

Looking at our Ba Zi and Feng Shui, we can see which of these will be the most challenging for an individual and which come easy. This type of life guidance is priceless since it’s our knowledge of the self that determines our future happiness. How can this be so? It isn’t a way that Feng Shui is commonly talked about and only someone with knowledge of both dharma and Feng Shui would know it.

Let’s take a few examples:

  • In a house where a toilet is situated above the front door, the inhabitants would be well advised to practice mindfullness
  • In a house where there are ponds, the house holders should be careful to practice morality
  • A house that slopes down at the front would indicate a place where it is important to practice generosity and patience

What is the meaning to this?

  • In the first example, this house’s structure means that one or more of the occupants will be prone to saying ill thought out things, therefore practicing mindfulness meditations so one can hear oneself before speaking is a good idea
  • Water is connected to our sexual energy and if placed in an inappropriate location, at some point it may trigger lustful behaviour or third party involvement, therefore one should have a sound moral compass
  • In houses that slope at the front, the occupants often have difficulty with their finances. This being the case, it’s important to mitigate this by being generous to others so that one is cared for, as well as to always be patient as impulse buying is a common reason for their financial predicaments

Let’s remember that houses do not do things. They do not ever force you to open your mouth (or purse or pants!) without thinking. They simply create the conditions by which such thoughts arise in your mind stream.

It is you that performs the action out of your own free will despite it being your fate that you should be in such a place at such a time that you would have the opportunity to do those things.

This is the journey in action. These things are placed before you as a test. If you work on yourself, by cultivating the eternal virtues, it will certainly be an opportunity for you to go up a level. By that, I mean life is cyclic. Karma is little patterns of behaviour that keep looping around until they’re fully seen and transcended. Being in that moment of temptation and working through it without falling into it will break that karma. You’ll stop having that pattern in your life and resonance will change as you start to work with a higher karma. This is the true way of resolving your unhappy circumstances with Feng Shui; simply moving to another house wouldn’t take the karma away, although you may be able to avoid it for a while.

Therefore I urge you to think of yourself as the child of the future. Who will you be if you don’t start to cultivate generosity, and thereby reduce your attachment to material things, from now? If patience is one of your big tests and you never have any time for others, what will be your future life? If you choose never to meditate and instead of learning to still your mind prefer to stir it up with strong emotions and thoughts, what might you miss in this life and the next?

You don’t need to share Buddhism with us to understand and benefit from this. Your journey to self realisation is yours. We seek only to strengthen your faith in the divinity that is within you and help you awaken to your own path.