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The Best Documentary on Unseen Energies Yet!

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It’s not often that I tell people that watching an hour and a half of fascinating documentary will fast track their understanding of what the unseen world is doing to them.

I’m no drama queen at all, but today I’m sharing with you something that is vitally important. It will get you up to date with the latest research and understanding of things affecting our life that are outside of conventional conscious comprehension. More important than the research, is what it means to you and the people you care about. So what’s going on here?

I’ve spoken before about wifi and EMFs as unseen energies, and there are many more unseen energies studied in Feng Shui. Magnetic fields and Schumann resonance are topics which are becoming increasingly well studied in the modern age as studies accumulate. Yet there’s been a huge gulf in conveying the significance of these energies to the public. While individual studies may seem impressive, it’s not until a bigger picture of the power of resonance and it’s importance to life on Earth is drawn that the implications of unseen energies become clearly apparent.

The best examination of this to date was recently released in a new documentary by independent film maker, James Russell. Featuring leading researchers and experts from centres like Oxford University, Bristol University, Power Watch and the MTHR, Resonance – Beings of Frequency, shines a light on natural and man made unseen energies that’s not been seen before. Importantly, the film makes have made this ground breaking documentary available for free. After you’ve watched it, you’ll appreciate why it’s so important. Please share it on to all that you know and care about.

Join in the debate on Facebook at facebook.com/resonancebeingsoffrequency and sign the petition at ipetitions.com/petition/clear-health-warnings-on-cell-phone-packaging/