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New Study Shows Cancer Rate Rise Near Mobile Masts in Birmingham

Mobile antenna on Brodie Avenue

A recent study into an alleged cancer cluster in the Shadwell area of Birmingham, in Midlands UK has shown that there was a rise in the rate of certain types of cancers relative to other parts of Birmingham after a mobile phone base station was established there. Medical records from GPs and hospitals were obtained, over four 3-year time periods and carefully examined. These showed that there was a significant increase in the likelihood of developing cancer, compared with other people living in the West Midlands, though it did vary from cancer to cancer.

The report rightly concludes that just one study of one location is not conclusive and yet at the same time it does clearly highlight the importance of caution. EMFs are a powerful type of unseen energy and they’ve not been about for all that long. The science of what mobile phone emissions do to living organisms is still in it’s infacy and new forms of EMF are being rolled out all the time. 4G is the very latest and I’m sure the geeks are already at work planning what 5G or whatever comes next will be like. It’s unlikely that at this stage, their planning includes much consideration of what their EMFs are doing to life forms at a cellular level. More likely they’re thinking about how it can go faster, carry more data and reach further into homes and buildings than ever.

In my professional experience I have seen clients where there were numerous unexplained health issues that their doctors were struggling to treat them. Health issues often cause stress cracks to appear in people’s work and love lives. Of the cases I’ve seen personally, I would not recommend living near to a mobile phone mast or an electricity pylon. It does seem that brick gives some level of protection; clients I’ve seen where masts are in direct line of sight from their home have reported more symptoms than those where it was blocked by other buildings. There are specialists in electrosmog, a subject that’s beyond the scope of a traditional Feng Shui consultation, and some give ideas on things that can be done if you can’t move yourself away from the source of the pollution easily. I’ve seen protective paints for walls and special screens to put on windows that are designed to limit the amounts of EMFs entering the house. What I always recommend is this:

  1. Never buy a house near a mobile mast or electricity pylon. If you see what look like lamp posts with no lights on somewhere on your street, it’s a mobile mast. They call it ‘street furniture’. Avoid them and always say no when the council send applications from mobile companies to add more to your street. You stand little to gain from it being there and risk losing a lot
  2. Don’t use wifi at home. DLan is a way of sharing your broadband and network through electrical plug sockets and it is both faster and gives off far less electrosmog
  3. Always turn your mobile phone off at night. Please do not sleep with it turned on and left charging right by your head!

Technology is a must in this day and age however balance never goes out of fashion! Remember to give yourself plenty of time off-grid to make up for all that hard work and frantic connectivity when you are plugged into the system. At very minimum, make sure your IT and mobile communications equipment goes to sleep when you do.