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Rising Dragon Feng Shui Assists Restaurant Chain Move to Next Level

Coal Grill and Bar

Restaurant Chain Turns Up The Heat With Feng Shui Advice

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Coal is a hot brand amongst grill restaurant chains. The brainchild of restaurant innovator, John Gatter, it began life as the M.A. Potters chain before metamorphasizing into the chic, trendy hang out of choice of affluent proffessionals with a taste for good food, funky surrounds and after hours ambience. The change was more than just cosmetic; new menus and bar choices joined lavishly updated interiors, upbeat music and and many other experience enhancing attentions to detail that clearly mark Coal as a better bet for a good night out. Rising Dragon Feng Shui’s Angela Ang co-ordinated work to create the perfect space.

Coal Restaurant founder John Gatter with Angela Ang

Coal Restaurant founder John Gatter with Angela Ang

“Feng Shui was something I was introduced to by a friend who put me in touch with Angela,” spoke John Gatter of Coal restaurants. “We were carrying out the rebrand of our Cardiff branch at the time where sales never reached the potential I saw in the area. After the refurb which incorporated Angela’s advice, sales more than tripled. I was very happy with the results of using Feng Shui and now see it’s use as part of offering customers the best they can get from a restaurant.”

Feng Shui for restaurants is different from interior design or clever marketing and we are happy and experienced in working with your existing consultants for both disciplines. We also can recommend some great companies to work with if you need help with either so as to supply a full, rich and complete dining experience that excites every level of your customers senses.

Coal restaurants continue to develop and open new branches around the UK, with investment capital for up to 14 new high street locations now available. Feng Shui has offered their customers a more comfortable, enjoyable and memorable eating experience which in turn makes Coal more competitive in the fast paced UK catering industry. Coal and Rising Dragon Feng Shui warmly invite you taste a new experience in dining by visiting their flagship restaurant in Wimbledon, London or their second launch in Basingstoke. See the Coal Restaurants Website for addresses as well as offers and promotions.