Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Prediction Magazine Features Angela’s Feng Shui Wisdom

Prediction Magazine Jan 2006

Prediction Magazine is one of the UK’s largest monthly magazines covering astrology, divination and most importantly of all – Feng Shui! As part of a special feature in it’s January edition, Prediction Magazine wanted to compare the views of leading experts on what does it take to increase one’s fortunes?

In the West, a commonly held view is that by changing the way one thinks and maintaining a positive attitude abundance can be created. But how would that compare with Eastern traditions such as Feng Shui which state that being in the right place makes so much difference? With contributions by reknown experts including Nick Williams and Sue Ricks as well as Angela Ang, the article makes a thought provoking discussion for anyone who is looking to better their fortunes.

Prediction Magazine article in pdf format