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Feng Shui expert advises how cordless products can create a more harmonious living environment

ROMANEL-SUR-MORGES, Switzerland – September, 2005 – We all know that the right colours, fabrics and furniture can bring harmony to our living space, but what happens when we introduce technology to our carefully planned interiors?

There is a growing amount of technology in our homes, from computers and DVD players to widescreen TVs and iPODs. This year alone, people will take home over 23 million new computers and 71 million digital TV devices, such as set-top boxes.

Feng Shui expert, Angela Ang, believes that all too often the wrong kind of technology can break the harmony of the home. However, she says that Feng Shui – the ancient Chinese system of creating a harmonious environment – also holds some answers:

“ Technological devices can often be over-complicated and not very attractive to look at. They can clutter up your living space, ruining the impact of your careful decoration with unsightly wires and sharp angles.”

“ What we see impacts our state of mind. We all want things that look nice for the good feeling they give us. In Chinese we call this Yi-Chi-Jin, where the mind sends out bioelectric impulses to create an action. If you hate your television, you’re sending negative energy its way and that also returns to you. Such energy can mean accomplishing even simple tasks becomes an uphill struggle – whether it’s at work or in your personal life, negative repercussions will surely follow.”

Logitech, manufacturer of personal peripherals like mice, speakers, keyboards and remote controls, approached Angela Ang to take her Feng Shui advice on technology in the home and on the design of its products. Logitech is well known for the style and quality of its products, many of which are also cordless, meaning they free the home from ugly wires.

Angela Ang’s feedback was positive: “In the West, life is built around squares and an excess of this can damage our ability to see things as they really are – that’s why most of us feel a great sense of relaxation when we are in nature and not subjected to the standardisation of shape. It is therefore refreshing to see that Logitech has adopted curved, feminine lines within its design philosophy that are not only full of style and character but actually help remove the harsh box like appearance of your computer peripherals. An easy, healthy life is a goal of Feng Shui and these products can help you take a step towards that.”

She added: “Whilst modern technology was not considered by the ancients who first studied Feng Shui, it is essential to enjoying the richest possibilities of the world we inhabit today. Innovations such as wireless technology remove the restrictions that earlier, cruder technology imposes and makes it easier to align the home with Feng Shui principles.”

Logitech’s range of cordless computer peripherals help promote clarity of mind by clearing away the clutter of cables that entangle many rooms within the home. For example:

Logitech’s MM50 portable speakers for iPod allow you to listen to your iPOD out loud, without attaching it to headphones

The Harmony 885 is a universal remote control to replace all others – it allows you to watch TV, listen to music or watch a film with one touch of a button, eliminating the need for four or five other remote controls littered around the home

The Cordless Desktop MX5000 Laser allows you to integrate your keyboard, mouse, Bluetooth mobile phone and headset without any wires

Angela Ang’s Feng Shui tips for your home:

  1. Workspaces can often contain an excess of Yang, or active energy, especially where there is a build up of computing equipment. You can balance this with the presence of plants – I recommend Peace Lilies since they give off huge amounts of oxygen. Their presence is calming and they help promote clear thought
  2. Whilst you need to avoid light shining directly onto a monitor, it is also important not to let your working area be too dim as this will cause your eyes to be strained. If your computer gets tucked in a corner because of space restrictions, consider getting a wheeled workstation so you can move it to somewhere that is better lit. With Logitech’s cordless range, moving a desktop PC around has never been easier
  3. Sound, as an invisible energy, is also a type of Chi. A typical music station set up can be very harsh on your hearing as speakers are usually placed directly next to each other causing sound to be delivered in a very direct, head-on direction. Having rear speakers, like Logitech’s, allows you to make a more balanced and ambient arrangement whilst enjoying a better quality of sound

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About Angela Ang
Master Angela Ang runs Rising Dragon Feng Shui, an internationally acclaimed organisation dedicated to assisting individuals and companies solve problems presented by the human condition. Based in South West London, her clients have included celebrities, politicians and business owners as well as corporate clients the size of the UK’s National Exhibition Centre and National Lottery. Rising Dragon Feng Shui has students in most major cities in Europe and North America, as well as through all five continents.