Rising Dragon Feng Shui

A Feng Shui Testimonial From Cambridge

青龍返首 - The Dragon Rises

The following was received from one of our clients, Chris Dodson, nine months since Angela visited his house.

Hi Angela

In the dim and distant (well not so distant) past I promised I’d tell you how things went. Your latest newsletter jogged my memory so here goes.

You came to visit and provide a consultation in December 2002. We followed your instructions to the letter apart from moving the bed. We tried it in the new position and I had the best sleep I’ve had in months but the room just didn’t work and looked a tip so reluctantly we moved it back after three weeks. Long term (if we’re still here) we plan to convert the loft so the bed can be placed in the correct direction then.

Apart from the bed everything else you suggested was done. I have to tell you that this has been my busiest, most successful year in business since becoming a freelance over five years ago. Things have just blossomed, lucrative work has come out of no where. Jon also started a floristry business which is doing nicely. The difference it makes when things start to go right for a change is hard to put into words. Somehow the whole world seems a better place.

I’ve even been able to do things that would have been impossible before. For instance I spent 12 days in the USA attending two separate conferences. Before that would have been pie-in-the-sky and just unattainable because I was scratching a living. With more success and more money coming in our whole world has opened up. And it feels as though it is getting better all the time.

I know some folk poo poo Feng Shui but I’ve always had an open mind. I told myself that it has been around so many years there must be something in it. I don’t care what other people say or think now, I know it works and recommend anyone to try it, they have little to lose and everything to gain. They owe it to their future happiness.

Chris Dodson MIPR, MCIJ, FInstSMM
Mightier Than The Sword