Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Saved by Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin

We received the following story from one of our readers via email. It is reproduced here without alteration and pays testament to the great powers attributed to the compassionate saint, Kuan Yin.

I never really knew anything at all about Feng Shui until may be two years ago. My husband (Steve) doesn’t believe in it at all, but I think he puts up with it from me, really for a quiet life. Well, I found out that Steves chinese zodiac animal is the dog and I am the horse. I managed to find little keyrings with each of our animal signs on one side and Kuan Yin on the opposite side.

Steve is a lorry driver for one of the local companies and travels daily on the M25 going to Heathrow and Gatwick (he ALWAYS comes home stressed from the journey). I told him to put the dog keyring on his keys and never take it off!!! So he did (while grumbling of course)!

Well he must have had it on there for a couple of weeks, he came home one day and said “I nearly had an accident because some bloke in a car wasn’t looking, so I nearly got out of the lorry and decked someone on the M25 today”.

“Why?” I said

“Oh, he was being an a#@$%*¬e!” Steve never, ever swears!!! “People just don’t realise what it takes to drive a 40ft lorry, and stopping distances are all longer too, people just don’t know.”

Oh, I thought raising my eyebrows. Then he said my dog charm has broken! I said how did you mange that? He said I don’t know it was in my pocket. IN YOUR POCKET?! Let me see. It had broken all down one side completely missing Kuan Yin, and the dog by a hair! Just one clean break! I couldn’t believe it myself really, I just couldn’t stop looking at it. (But it was in his pocket!!!) Well you work it out. He can’t, and it stared him in the face too!!!

Obviously, I got him a new one the very next day as he works 8am to 8pm so all the shops were obviously shut then.

Now my two children have got one each too! My daughter of 16 years (Ox) and son of 8 years (another Dog). I just wanted to share my very true story with everyone..