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Feng Shui at the NEC Birmingham

Eddie Lui and Angela Ang Feng Shui audited Birmingham NEC

The National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham is the busiest exhibition venue in Europe and one of the largest. It holds 190,000 square metres of space in 20 halls – far bigger than any other centre in the UK.

The NEC Arena is able to seat 12,500 and plays host to many of the biggest names in rock and pop, as well as major sporting events and large-scale conferences.

Angela Ang and Ta Ming (Eddie) Lui from Buckinghamshire-based Rising Dragon, specialists in Feng Shui for business and private clients, went along to Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre to discover whether auspicious Feng Shui could be a reason behind its ongoing success…

Eddie Lui and Angela Ang Feng Shui audited Birmingham NEC

Eddie Lui and Angela Ang Feng Shui audited Birmingham NEC

What is Feng Shui?
Angela defines Feng Shui as the ’cause and effect of energy (Chi) in the environment’. Where the environment creates good flows of energy, prosperity and happiness will be abundant. However, a source of bad energy can ruin everything.

“The main point of Feng Shui is to maximise our positive potential and minimise our negative potential,” explains Angela.

“There are misconceptions about Feng Shui in the West, which is a shame because it can cut out a lot of pain and increase potential for what you want.”

Birmingham NECAngela and Ta Ming examined the NEC Birmingham’s Feng Shui using only time-tested techniques taught to them by their Masters. Scientific measurements were taken according to the 24 directions on a lo-pan, a Chinese compass. Reviewing the Feng Shui, it became obvious to the pair why the NEC is so successful.

“There is a balanced formation of buildings that are auspiciously located,” explains Malaysian-born Angela, 29. “Using Form School Feng Shui, auspicious would mean that the NEC has support, shelter and ‘Ming Tang‘, which translates as, ‘Clear and Bright Hall’.”

Angela and Ta Ming noted that the building has an open, unobstructed frontage, meaning that energy can accumulate and visitors are able to breathe freely.

“The Pavilion, where Seni 2002 is taking place, has the most auspicious type of ‘Ming Tang‘ because it has a lake in front of it,” says Angela.

“Water equals wealth and having a lake outside your front door means that prosperity is easily within reach. However, it’s important to retain this wealth by using sheltering formations to prevent it from leaking away.”

Birmingham NEC ArenaOutside the Pavilion, there is an ‘On Sun‘ or ‘Low Mountain’, which Angela explains is significant as it supports the doorway of the lake and therefore stops the wealth from leaking out. A tall mountain would have been oppressive.

Shelter is provided by the Green Dragon and the White Tiger. Looking from the Pavilion to the left is the Metropole Hotel, representing the Dragon, and the Crowne Plaza on the right is the Tiger.

“This is powerful, and the NEC’s variation on the formation is called ‘Tui Sui Kook‘ – like a crab’s claws,” says Angela. “Crab Claw formation is one of the best because its embracing shape holds the wealth inside.

“Far Eastern businesses aim for this design – it is very lucky for the NEC to have been built like this without any advice from Feng Shui experts, and is rare in a building this size.”

Flying Star or Xuan Kong School of Feng Shui was also used in the audit of the Pavilion. This advanced method is based around movement of energy from the stars, hence its poetic name.

“Due to planetary movements, Chi fluctuates on an ongoing basis,” explains Angela. “By catching a good energy flow, we’d expect to see auspiciousness manifest in many ways including financial success and a general feeling of goodwill and happiness at the event.”

Built during the Flying Star Age of Seven (1984-2003), the front entrance enjoys a Number 7 Water Star. The good Water Stars at the entrance enhance the very auspicious Water wealth formation and ensures great prosperity for business here. According to Angela, this explains why exhibitions at the NEC Pavilion are always so successful.

Another Feng Shui plus point is that the Pavilion has many entrances – eight to be precise – where energy can enter and flow freely and not stagnate.

“Flying Star Feng Shui shows extremely positive energy at the front entrance,” adds Angela. “This will keep everyone bright-eyed and invigorated throughout and is good news for anyone demonstrating or taking part in a workshop.”

The Seni exhibition is the UK's biggest martial arts exhibitionKey Points
Angela and Ta Ming were impressed to find such auspicious Feng Shui at the Birmingham NEC. Their conclusions were:

  1. Hang six I-Ching coins in the east and south sectors of the Pavilion to minimise injury to the participants at Seni 2002.
  2. “The NEC Pavilion is an outstanding choice of venue,” says Angela. “It has an extremely rare construction that will ensure great success.”
  3. Angela explains that it is very rare to see the powerful wealth generating Water Formation created outside by the combination of Green Dragon and White Tiger in Crab Claw formation, with Low Mountain and supporting Flying Stars. “The odds of seeing all these in conjunction must be many million to one,” she says.
  4. “We predict that the show will grow this year and become a major success,” says Angela.
  5. Angela warns against changing venue for future exhibitions as the NEC Pavilion will bring them good fortune, financial success and great popularity!