Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Ba Zi Destiny Analysis

All existence is fundamentally connected as one at it’s highest level.

Whilst it may take years of seeking the universal love within to fully realise this at all levels of our consciousness, we can draw a map of the universe based upon the moment you entered it. Since the universe too is subject to cyclic patterns of existence, we can calculate what types of things will happen at different times in the theatre of your life. Just as the weather forecaster can predict sun rise and sun down will occur at certain times according to the season we’re in, a Ba Zi divinator can predict when the proverbial sun will shine upon you and when to brace for storms.

At a more fundamental level, this destiny is in large part created by our mind. Buddha taught:

From the thought there arises feelings.

Feelings give birth to actions.

Actions create habits.

Habits make destiny.

The hardest part of the journey to self discovery is seeing ourselves fully and how our character is creating our life. Ba Zi helps us quickly understand many useful things such as:

The superficial:

  • When are you going to find love?
  • When will you gain or lose money?
  • What health challenges do you have or should you practice prevention for?

The subtle:

  • When are our usual patterns of behaviour helpful and when are they disfunctional?
  • What types of abilities do we have hidden within us that can help us reach our goals?
  • How do other people see us versus how we actually are?

Actually there is so much that Ba Zi can tell that it’s described by some as “The Heaven Code” since it’s a way of mapping the cycles of karma that create and affect everyone. Because it enables your consultant to understand you and your challenges much better, we always recommend that it be used to some degree. It’s calculated from your year, month, day and hour of birth which gives 12,960,000 possible unique code combinations!