Within Rising Dragon Feng Shui, we hold expertise in a range of dharmas that go both above and below as well as throughout standard Feng Shui practice. This skillset includes:

  • Universal Love – As students of dharmic religions, we hold skills in both supramundane and mundane dharmas. Predominantly these are from the Buddhist and Taoist traditions, yet Hindu and Sikh techniques are also incorporated.  Fundamentally these religions are just techniques to help you become reconnected with the love that is all around you, that you are here to realise and that we are all searching for until we find it
  • Ba Zi – One of the most useful diagnostic tools available, Ba Zi Destiny Analysis is a type of divine mirror that can quickly help illuminate the karmas you face, whether they are permanent or a phase and the strengths and weaknesses you must face them with. It helps you to know yourself quickly, reach acceptance of your journey in life and make smarter decisions from there on in
  • Feng Shui – Everyone is a soul on a journey. Our body is our vehicle and the land around us is the map through which the journey unfolds. By looking at the places you’ve chosen to dwell in, we’ll see your karma clearly displayed. We can help you work with that karma so that you may recognise it, purify it and move on to the next phase of your evolution
  • Qi Men Dun Jia – Whilst the previous techniques are more concerned with a specific person or place, the oracle of the mysterious gate technique lets us see how many people may interact in the future, allowing for spiritual guidance of circumstances that are otherwise too difficult or cumbersome to calculate using Ba Zi and Feng Shui
  • Yogic Lifestyle – Living in harmony with nature is essential for our spiritual growth since we ourselves are part of it. By providing guidance on lifestyle and diet, we can increase our physical, mental and spiritual powers. This often results in unlocking new levels of human evolution by steering us away from depleting our health into degeneration and guiding us towards the vitality needed for us to contribute beyond ourselves sufficiently that the world may be left a better place for our having existed
  • Qigong, Yoga & Martial Arts – Every day we can use key specific movements and techniques to unlock our inner energy and to shake off negative blocks. Practicing simple techniques often can bring dramatic enhancements to the results we get in our meditation, spiritual practice and evolution. Raising up our vibration, we can shake off lower level obstacles and move on to more meaningful tasks in life such as finding our true purpose