Master Angela Ang in Malaysia

Master Angela Ang

During Chinese New Year 2014, Master Angela Ang will be in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. During this time she’ll be attending various business meetings and events as well as celebrating the New Year and helping those that seek advice on matters of Feng Shui.

It is currently planned that she will visit from 31st January to 10th February although she has a flexible ticket and plans may vary according to events elsewhere in her South East Asia trip.

If you would like to speak with Master Ang and have a Feng Shui consultation, please get in touch.

Master Angela Ang in Singapore

Master Angela Ang

Master Angela Ang will be visiting Singapore from the 24th January 2014 to the 30th. During this time, there will be a small number of Feng Shui consultations available.

In addition, Master Ang will be giving a public talk on Feng Shui on the 28th January during lunchtime. If you’d like to listen in, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Due to space constraints at the venue, there will only be about 20 seats available and the local organiser in Singapore will be allocating these. It will be an interesting and enjoyable afternoon and we hope to see you there!

Feng Shui Stories: The King Dog

Emperor Qin's throne

Today, I would like recall the true story of a Feng Shui consultation I did many years ago now.  I’d travelled out to rural Cambridgeshire. At the time I was living in Buckingham, but travelled the UK and would drive to see Feng Shui clients in London or Birmingham at least a couple of days a week.

Whilst travelling itself is tiring, Cambridge and its surrounding villages are charming. Arrived at my clients home, I got my Feng Shui luopan compass ready and went to the door to say hello when I heard a dog start barking. I could tell by the voice of the dog that it was fairly big breed. I love animals and generally get on well with them but nothing prepared me for what I’d find inside…

Boxer dog

I sat in the client’s living room while she brought tea and begun to tell me her story. Her husband worked in the travel industry and had to commute far daily. She was at home alone so they’d bought a dog to keep her company. The dog – a young, male albino Boxer dog – was muscular and strong, as per its breed. Unlike some dogs that terrify guests, it didn’t try to leap up at me although it did make it’s presence known. The saliva dripping from it’s mouth was more slobber from excitement than drooling aggression. Yet when the owner tried to talk, something very unusual became apparent. The dog was in charge.

At first I thought it might simply be a case of high spirits with visitors having called, but sure enough the dog continued to show unusual behaviours.

If she tried to give her attention to me the dog would do something to make sure she brought it back to him.

It was like the dog was the owner and the owner was being taken for a walk!

Even when she tried to make him stay in the room next door, he made such a commotion that she brought him back in.

It took a long time to hear her story as there were lots of interruptions, especially for her! Eventually I was able to start my Feng Shui calculations.

Plotting the Flying Stars, reading the Forms and taking measurements with my Feng Shui luopan compass, I soon came to a solid conclusion. The spot by the stairs where the dog slept, was in fact the seat of power for the house. That’s why this young pup was no ordinary dog – he’d been elevated to king of the house by the couple, who had simply seen the location for his basket as convenient.

The presence of the seat of power in Feng Shui is one thing that is often overlooked by Feng Shui consultants. I have seen clients where one of their children has been given the room with the seat of power in it… with suitably terrible results! The child will not listen to sense, expects the parents to bend over backwards for them and will only eat/study/sleep as they see best. The parents are driven mad and their relationship with one another and their career comes under strain as a result.

It can also happen that at a business, the Feng Shui seat of power is given to a subordinate who ends up with the boss wrapped around his or her finger.

Bringing the household back into harmony by diagnosing the types of Qi within it, it’s typical to see the behaviour patterns brought up by giving the seat of power to the wrong person (or dog!) disappear over the coming weeks and months. I have seen many inconceivable things during my long years travelling the world as a Feng Shui consultant. The house you live in reveals the current state of your journey to your destiny. Those that know how to read the signs can help you break from the patterns of behaviour that keep you from being as great as you could be.

Feng Shui Consultation Of Major New London Property Development

Embassy Gardens sky pool

The official press release was issued 20th Nov 2012. It’s reprinted here for ease of reading:

Award winning Feng Shui consultancy, Rising Dragon Feng Shui, announce their role as Feng Shui advisors to Ballymore Homes’ new Embassy Gardens development

There is little doubt these days that the Dragon truly is rising. It’s hard to open an article on investment or economics and not be amazed by the massive transformation that has been going on in China. As the Dragon opens it’s doors, it’s created a growing middle class and many wealthy elites. Chinese manufacturing now pervades the world and it’s led to many Chinese nationals seeking accommodation for themselves in London where they can conduct business. Ballymore Homes are not only experts at building stylish developments, they’re keenly aware of the need to think from the buyer’s perspective and so enlisted the help of Rising Dragon Feng Shui founder, Master Angela Ang, when it came taking a Feng Shui consultation of their major new development at Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms.

A model of Embassy Gardens

“Feng Shui is no more a Chinese cultural practice than NLP is American”, spoke Angela Ang. “It works for or against everyone regardless of where they are from and knowledge of it is what allows you to choose which side of that equation you are on. However Chinese people talk about Feng Shui a lot because it has a long history in our culture just like the way Westerners talk about psychology a lot. I actually think the two disciplines go together very well and everyone can benefit from using either or better still, both.”

Working together, Rising Dragon Feng Shui and Ballymore Homes produced a comprehensive Feng Shui audit report of the Embassy Gardens developments which provides a useful run down of significant Feng Shui features in the location.

“As a Chinese person, I know that a lot of Westerners confuse Feng Shui with interior design. Aesthetics do have an impact and it’s placed as a small consideration in traditional Feng Shui,” continues Master Ang. “What Chinese people really want to know about when we talk about Feng Shui is whether the plot of land itself is in a good location. Does it have supporting features in the landscape that bring prosperous energy to that location? Are there forms within the landscape that help the Chi energy accumulate? These types of considerations are far more important since whether you walls are white or beige is easy to change, but it’s far harder to get a river to run by your home or a mountain to rise behind it. These are the types of things I looked for in my Feng Shui audit of Embassy Gardens and I’m delighted to say that Ballymore Homes have chosen a winner there. The fact that on top of that Ballymore have done such a stylish and decadent job on design aesthetics is just the cherry on the cake.”

The Feng Shui audit of Embassy Gardens is available for prospective buyers at this significant development. In total Embassy Gardens will deliver up to 2,000 new homes, potential for over 500,000 sq ft of office and flexible workspace, new leisure facilities, including a new Heath and Well Being Centre, a 100 bed hotel and 130,000 sq ft of retail, bar and restaurant space including a new grocery store and other uses to support the 1,800 people working and visiting the new Embassy every day. It has been built in close conjunction with Wandsworth Borough Council as part of the regeneration of over 20 acres of industrial and warehousing land combined with The Mayor of London called the area the new central London and the US Government deciding to relocate it’s embassy there.

Prospective buyers are urged to inspect the Embassy Gardens website,, and to contact the Ballymore sales team early to avoid disappointment. Buyers at Embassy Gardens should also be informed that Rising Dragon Feng Shui are offering special Feng Shui consultations with Master Ang to assist them in choosing the ideal property for them within the development. These Feng Shui consultations are offered at a special discounted rate for buyers and Master Ang is uniquely well qualified to serve clients interested in this development given her intimate knowledge of the location. Interested buyers should visit or call +44 208 123 9800.


The Tai Chi Master’s View of Feng Shui

青龍返首 - The Dragon Rises

It’s said that when someone says something about you, it’s a better reference for others than something you could say about yourself. So naturally, I was delighted when one of my Chinese clients wrote something about me.

I was even more suprised when he emailed me about it as it was totally unprovoked!

As a teacher of Tai Chi, Mark Tan, has a cultivated appreciation for energy work, yet he’s also a modern westernised Chinese. This is his original blog post about his Feng Shui consultation and below it’s reproduced:

Rising Dragon Feng Shui – Angela Ang’s magic!

January 28th, 2009

Anyone who’s spent any time in the Far East will have heard of Feng Shui and perhaps wondered why it’s such a big deal. As with any very old, somewhat mystical and often unintuitive art, it has its believers, and its sceptics.

As someone who did part of his growing up in the East, and spent most of his education in the West, I sat somewhat uncomfortably between these two camps. Some part of me wanted to believe it, but the coldly rational Western brain did not compute. There is something inherently ridiculous about how a three-legged frog in the right corner can bring you riches.

Equally, Feng Shui is an art that has been developed and refined over hundreds of years. It pre-dates modern science and it’s also been worked upon by people far smarter than I will ever be. There must be some value in it otherwise coldly rational people all over the world wouldn’t be looking for masters of the art.

Embrace something, then make up your mind

So I decided to take the plunge, embrace it for a while and see if it’d add value to my life. The problem was, finding a good Feng Shui consultant is a bit like finding a good plumber. They’re hard to find, sometimes it’s very difficult to tell if they’ve done a good job. What do I know about plumbing/Feng Shui? How would I tell if they’ve done the job well?

God bless the internet. The world is indeed small, and after several hours of surfing around you get a good idea who can walk the walk, and the site that looked like it had the content totally nailed was Rising Dragon, run by the lovely Angela Ang.

What the hell, jump in and see what happens

So I gave her a call and had her take a look at my place.

“Move,” she said after a couple of minutes in my flat.

Turned out the Feng Shui where I lived sucked. What she said next, about the problems in the kitchen (boiler was on the brink of failing), disturbed sleep, angst between my wife and I were all spot on. The accuracy of what she said, given the fact that we’d only just met was nothing short of astounding. I honestly didn’t realise you could tell so much about what was going on just from the layout of the house!

Before she left, Angela left a long list of things we should change in the house. My wife was slightly sceptical, understandably so, so I didn’t tell her too much about the why, I just mentioned that these were things we should do.

The sheet behind the bed

There’s no point in getting a consultant in and then ignoring what they say, so Annie and I resolved to make all the changes the recommended, no matter how inconvenient they might have appeared.

One recommendation was to hang a sheet behind the bed to stop a “poison arrow” from hitting Annie. The intent was that she’d sleep better. Now I didn’t tell her why I did this, but a week later she did indeed mention that she was less tired and sleeping better.

The bead curtain

Now, I associate bead curtains with people with the tackiest taste in home décor. One of the changes we needed to make was to hang a bead curtain in the kitchen doorway. Annie hates them more than I do, and it was with some reluctance that we put the bead curtain up.

Strangely enough, the house just well.. felt better afterwards, even to the point where we began to love the bead curtain even though we hated how it looked. I don’t understand it, but I don’t think I need to. It made the whole place feel so much nicer to be in.

The best of a bad situation

Things did get better after we did as she said, things stopped going badly wrong, almost overnight in fact. We started sleeping better, we felt a lot better about everything and we didn’t stress so much whilst we were at home. We ended up in a better place so to speak. Our emotional states were in much better knack then they had been previously.

I’d say that that feel was the biggest most valuable change that Angela made to our lives. The flat stopped feeling like a place and more like our home and feeling so much better about being at home added a lot to our emotional energy. It made us cope a lot better with everything that continued to go wrong that year.

So good we did it again

This year, we got Angela back again. It’s the year of the ox and all the energies are going to change once again. A lot had passed since her first visit, Annie and I got married, we moved to Tunbridge Wells (hooray!) and I’ve now quit my job to start up a business.

The changes she made this time were much more extensive, but once again, we’ve made all of them. What we found was we wanted to. Moving our office around and changing our bedroom just felt like the right thing to do.

Something she said that tickled me was that the house was “accident prone”. Strange that someone who’s generally rather careful about movement (I teach Tai Chi) had been having lots of little accidents around the house. For some reason in this house I fall over a lot…

One immediate observation was that I was somehow, instantly more productive and inspired when working on my home business in the office, after having made all Angela’s changes.

The other thing she said was that moving our bed would make us sleep much better and sex would in fact, improve. (zomg, it gets even better?)

So this year I am looking forward to all that it might bring. Already the house feels much more homely than it did.

That plumber analogy again

Angela is like a good plumber. She knows her stuff and is the sort of person you want to keep in touch with and get back in year after year as your Feng Shui changes, and she’s not afraid to be the bearer of bad news, because she has your best interests at heart, even if the news isn’t something you want to hear. That alone earns her mucho brownie points in my camp. I really like and respect that sort of honesty. It’s the sort of honesty that earns my trust.

Sticking with the plumber thing, I don’t have to understand everything she does to appreciate the results. Feng Shui is a far larger world than I could possibly comprehend, and it’s an art more complex than I could ever fathom, but I do know that people like Angela who understand it can make a big difference to my life.

Seriously, even if you don’t believe in it (Annie didn’t at first), go visit Rising Dragon and book yourself in.

Well it certainly put a big smile on our faces to hear Mark’s kind words and I thank him sincerely for helping others to understand Feng Shui consultations better from the users’ viewpoint.

As I reported during my Feng Shui Economic forecast for CLSA, 2009 is a more stable year than 2008 and yet there are still hidden uncertainties and dangers. Like Yin and Yang there are two sides to everything; whilst some businesses are struggling others are booming. When restaurant sales go down, supermarket sales go up. There are always some who come through any time better off than others. The secret is in knowing how to position yourself so you come out in the right place!

Feng Shui is a way of helping you stack the odds in your favour, whilst still acknowledging that you must make smart moves and apply yourself diligently to benefit fully. Of course the global economic downturn affects us all to some degree. Some people will lose their jobs. Some people will find that the ways they lived before are unsustainable. Others will find the changes going on now are like when big trees fall in a forest; the light that now pours in through the canopy gives life to young growing saplings.

I hope for Mark that this time will be one where the seeds he has planted may grow to bear fruit. For any of you reading now, if you are unsure of how best to use your time while the world economy rebalances itself, do consider using Feng Shui to support you. A telephone Feng Shui consultation is a perfect start for many.

Rising Dragon Feng Shui Assists Restaurant Chain Move to Next Level

Coal Grill and Bar

Restaurant Chain Turns Up The Heat With Feng Shui Advice

Coal Restaurants logo

Coal is a hot brand amongst grill restaurant chains. The brainchild of restaurant innovator, John Gatter, it began life as the M.A. Potters chain before metamorphasizing into the chic, trendy hang out of choice of affluent proffessionals with a taste for good food, funky surrounds and after hours ambience. The change was more than just cosmetic; new menus and bar choices joined lavishly updated interiors, upbeat music and and many other experience enhancing attentions to detail that clearly mark Coal as a better bet for a good night out. Rising Dragon Feng Shui’s Angela Ang co-ordinated work to create the perfect space.

Coal Restaurant founder John Gatter with Angela Ang
Coal Restaurant founder John Gatter with Angela Ang

“Feng Shui was something I was introduced to by a friend who put me in touch with Angela,” spoke John Gatter of Coal restaurants. “We were carrying out the rebrand of our Cardiff branch at the time where sales never reached the potential I saw in the area. After the refurb which incorporated Angela’s advice, sales more than tripled. I was very happy with the results of using Feng Shui and now see it’s use as part of offering customers the best they can get from a restaurant.”

Feng Shui for restaurants is different from interior design or clever marketing and we are happy and experienced in working with your existing consultants for both disciplines. We also can recommend some great companies to work with if you need help with either so as to supply a full, rich and complete dining experience that excites every level of your customers senses.

Coal restaurants continue to develop and open new branches around the UK, with investment capital for up to 14 new high street locations now available. Feng Shui has offered their customers a more comfortable, enjoyable and memorable eating experience which in turn makes Coal more competitive in the fast paced UK catering industry. Coal and Rising Dragon Feng Shui warmly invite you taste a new experience in dining by visiting their flagship restaurant in Wimbledon, London or their second launch in Basingstoke. See the Coal Restaurants Website for addresses as well as offers and promotions.

Bally Sagoo Recommends Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Indian Music Star, Bally Sagoo

The Indian Music Producer and Movie Star Talks on Work, Culture and Feng Shui

Amongst fans of Indian music, Bally Sagoo needs little introduction. An English born Sikh, Bally Sagoo revolutionised Indian music through the 90s by taking culturally important and iconic traditional melodies and laying them on top of modern Western beats. From the ground breaking release ‘Magic Touch‘ which brought Sufi religious chants to a dance beat, Bally Sagoo’s career has epitomised the fusion of tradition and modernity, East and West.

Bally Sagoo with his Feng Shui Consultant, Angela Ang
Bally Sagoo and family with Angela in 2006.

It’s therefore of little surprise that Bally Sagoo has taken ideas from other cultures and made them part of his lifestyle. Certainly his use of traditional Chinese Feng Shui underlines his ability to see the reasons it has been held in such high esteem in it’s native culture. And like the way Bally Sagoo has been part of a movement that has brought Indian music to a much wider international audience, Feng Shui is proving just as appetising to people outside the Far East as curry is an established part of life in England.

“I highly recommend Angela Ang’s Rising Dragon Feng Shui” said Bally Sagoo. “She has done work for me five times so far and I have been happy with what she has done each time. That is why I’m happy to tell everybody about Angela’s good work. I consult her regularly and have found her advice to be of great use. When you use the good Feng Shui available to you it’s much easier to do well in whatever you do and when you tap bad Feng Shui you have to work ten times as hard to get half the result! Why make your life hard when it can be easier?”

Bally Sagoo previously gave testimonial to Angela’s Feng Shui prowess after their collaboration boosted him to a string of successes culminating in his magnificent wedding on an English stately home. A number of pictures were exclusively released through and can be seen on the first Bally Sagoo Feng Shui testimonial. Since more recent work with Angela, Bally has gone on to star in his first movie, ‘Sajna ve sajna‘ and has built a new recording studio. Bally Sagoo’s fans can watch out for more releases in the near future!

Bally Sagoo and Angela AngBally Sagoo and Angela Ang in 2008

“I’m very glad that I can make people aware of the many things there are out there that can enhance our lives” continues Bally. “When I first tried Feng Shui, I didn’t know that much about how important it is. Now, years later, I’m much more aware of it and ask Angela whenever I plan a new project. Whether you’re looking to make further sucesses in your career or your life has taken a dip and you need help getting back on your way, I know Angela will do her best to help you and that’s why I wholeheartedly recommend her to you as the Feng Shui consultant I use”.

There’s lots that Bally Sagoo would like to do. A second movie? More releases to his catalog of albums? More world tours? A school for aspiring DJs? To let the cat out of the bag would spoil the fun but sure to join Bally Sagoo’s mailing list on his ISHQ recording label website for all the action as it happens.

When Home Life Becomes Electrifying

Foxash power substation © Copyright Liz McCabe and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Makayla Beckett asked Angela for assistance this summer, and she recently wrote to us with her thoughts afterwards. Although her house wasn’t that bad by itself, there was a power substation just off the end of the garden. The static in the house was so intense that one could literally stick things to the wall with it! Consequently the whole family suffered from strange health conditions and frazzled moods. I was really pleased to help them join the dots and start getting the help they needed. Whoever sets the guidelines for safe distances for EMFs in this country ought to live a place exposed to them for a year so they are truly qualified to set such rules.

Makayla was already smiling immediately after her consultation with Angela!Makayla was already smiling immediately after her consultation with Angela!

Dear Angela,

I would gladly give you a testimonial. When you came to do my consultation you found me in a very sorry state, I was desperate for something to make me feel better and was prepared to try anything, I did not know if Feng Shui could help but you reassured me it did not matter if I believed or not you could make things a lot better for me. My marriage was a mess, my health was awful and I was so hard up I borrowed the money for the consultation, since you visited my home and put in place several very needy cures my health and relationships have improved ten fold and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I live in a very bad Feng Shui house for me and I hope with the help you have given me I will get lucky with my wealth and be able to afford to move to a good house.

I do not regret having the consultation at all, even if wealth doesn’t come my way (I know it will though) I am glad to feel better and to have a marriage to talk about.

A very big thank you, Angela

Love Makayla