Residential Feng Shui Consultations

Why Choose A Feng Shui Consultation?

There are many reasons you may have come here today and some of the biggest themes are:

  • You’ve really tried to take control of your life by conventional means but something seems to be blocking you
  • In your heart and mind, you are ready for change and open to embracing all that may mean

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re the UK’s biggest Feng Shui Consultancy with close to two decades of professionally supporting clients
  • We operate from a spiritual framework which emphasises a caring, non-judgemental attitude
  • We charge affordable, transparent rates with the aim of being of service to as many people as possible
  • We have a long track record of celebrities, brand-name businesses and awards to top our list of happy clients
  • Our team are highly trained, committed to ongoing personal and spiritual development and dedicated to helping you find greater meaning in your life

How Does It Work?

  1. You send in your details
  2. Relax. That’s the worst part done!
  3. We’ll call you shortly to chat through your problems, motivation and goals
  4. Once we have an understanding with you, we’ll advise you on how we can help
  5. We’ll quote you a price
  6. A deposit is taken to secure a date for your Feng Shui audit visit. This can be by card or Bank transfer
  7. Smile. You’re on your way to transforming your challenges
  8. We’ll detail any further information we’ll need you to gather before the visit
  9. We’ll come to your home on the arranged date. Typically this is in the afternoon
  10. After all measurements and calculations are complete, the Feng Shui consultant will provide their analysis to you
  11. Once the changes are made, you’ll need to start striving with confidence to reach your goals. Although some people feel different in as little as one night’s sleep, the effects are cumulative and unless your Feng Shui consultant advises you otherwise, expect to hit peak boost around 6 months on from when the changes were made
  12. Many clients take one of our aftercare packages so that they get regular time to chat to their consultant and ensure that they don’t fall back into old habits through “autopilot syndrome”

Are There Any Exceptions?

  • Feng Shui is can help people build health, but it is not suitable as the primary care for those with serious medical conditions. We’re very happy to support your doctor and naturopath in helping you get well, but we’re not happy if you are avoiding medical supervision when there is a need for it
  • Feng Shui requires you to actively participate in your life. Before your consultation, you need to agree to try and change your old patterns of behaviour when the new energy is available or else you’ll simply bring back the old energy to your house by acting like nothing has changed
  • Whilst the invisible Qi of the Sun can warm the land and nurture growth, the Sun cannot shine on everything at once. So too, you must prioritise your life and make conscious effort to work at one goal. It is an unrealistic expectation to hope that you have a windfall, your partner gets a promotion, resolves their health issue and becomes a romantic cherub whilst starting to spend more time with the kids and clean up around the house.