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Free Feng Shui e-book downloads

The following free e-books are free to download and may be freely distributed provided that it is done so freely and without charge.

Feng Shui Essentials
Feng Shui Essentials is the first of Angela Ang's exciting range of Feng Shui books. With over 80 pages of lucid insight, discover why Feng Shui Essentials is one of the most studied courses on Feng Shui today.

  • Download size: 3.2mb Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file or 1.9mb as a downloadable zip file
  • Around 20 seconds to load on a 56k modem
Read tFeng Shui Essentials Online

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Download Feng Shui Essentials

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The Karma Sutra
If you are looking for the Indian Karma Sutra (that's the one that deals with love making positions) please see this Karma Sutra page

The Karma Sutra is Buddha's teaching on the Law of Cause and Effect and his explaination to his disciples can help us understand Karma and our lives more clearly. This book has changed the lives of many who have read it.

  • Download size: 144k Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file
  • Around 20 seconds to load on a 56k modem
Read the Karma Sutra free online

Read online

Download the Karma Sutra for free

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The True Buddha Sutra

The True Buddha Sutra is the revelation expounded by the White Maha Padmakumara Bodhisattva at the Maha Double Lotus Ponds. Those seeking help and blessing for either the living or the deceased should reverently recite this sutra of authentic dharma which removes all hinderances on the 1st, 15th and 18th of the Lunar Calendar.

  • Download size: 254k Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file
  • About 45 seconds to load online using a 56k modem
Read this Sutra free online

Read online


Buddhist Quotes Screensaver
This screensaver will give you some profound Eastern wisdom to ponder during your tea breaks!

  • Download size: 704k zip file
  • About 3 minutes to download on a 56k modem
Download the Buddhist Quotes Screensaver for free

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Some of the electronic books available for download have been included by kind permission of True Buddha School Net (www.tbsn.org).

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