The Dragon Hedge of East Rudham, Norfolk

Feng Shui dragon hedge

The BBC reported today that a 75 year old Norfolk man spent 13 years crafting a hedge into a dragon in honour of his time in the Far East. It’s the first time I’ve seen anyone make a physical green dragon appear where the proverbial Feng Shui green dragon should be, which suggests good strength for the male of the household.

When looking out the front door of a house, we typically class the space to the left as the green dragon and that on the right as the white tiger. This is the Yin-Yang balance of the house, with the dragon being the Yang and therefore the male of the house. The best is if there is balance between the two. If one is bigger (or longer, taller etc) then that side of the household tends to gain dominance.

Here’s the full BBC report on the fantastic dragon hedge of East Rudham, Norfolk.

Master Angela Ang in Malaysia

Master Angela Ang

During Chinese New Year 2014, Master Angela Ang will be in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. During this time she’ll be attending various business meetings and events as well as celebrating the New Year and helping those that seek advice on matters of Feng Shui.

It is currently planned that she will visit from 31st January to 10th February although she has a flexible ticket and plans may vary according to events elsewhere in her South East Asia trip.

If you would like to speak with Master Ang and have a Feng Shui consultation, please get in touch.

Master Angela Ang in Singapore

Master Angela Ang

Master Angela Ang will be visiting Singapore from the 24th January 2014 to the 30th. During this time, there will be a small number of Feng Shui consultations available.

In addition, Master Ang will be giving a public talk on Feng Shui on the 28th January during lunchtime. If you’d like to listen in, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Due to space constraints at the venue, there will only be about 20 seats available and the local organiser in Singapore will be allocating these. It will be an interesting and enjoyable afternoon and we hope to see you there!

Master Angela Ang talks Feng Shui on BBC World

Master Ang on BBC World News

On Wednesday 15th January, BBC World’s Impact program aired at 1.30pm and this edition focussed on one of the hottest topics in the world – the shift of financial power from West to East. Since China opened it’s doors to the West, it’s huge population demographic has enabled it to create immense sums of wealth. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that 6% of the  world’s ultra high net worth individuals – defined as being worth in excess of $50 million – are from China and that the number of billionaires in the China has skyrocketed to 315 from 0 just a decade ago.

All this extra money has had a knock on effect. Luxury houses in premier cities around the globe have seen their prices soar as demand from Asian investors chases the price up.

Master Ang on BBC World News

This is something we know about well at Rising Dragon Feng Shui. In 2012, the Embassy Gardens development that Master Angela Ang Feng Shui auditted became the quickest selling property development in London for the year, despite the bleak UK economic outlook.

We’ve also been involved with property developers in other areas where Chinese buyers are increasing prices from the well known like Vancouver, Canada to the less apparent, like Hawaii, USA.

Back on home turf in London, Master Angela Ang regularly assists buyers and agents for high end properties determine a suitable short list of residences based upon Feng Shui.

It’s not just us saying this either. The Chinese house buying phenomenon has been reported around the world.

Master Ang on BBC World News

Whether your property is your biggest investment or you’re a commercial property developer, it’s becoming more and more important to incorporate traditional Chinese Feng Shui into your spaces.

This doesn’t mean the flimsy New Age Western interpretation of Feng Shui; it’s not about a fresh lick of paint and a strategically placed Buddha head. Chinese buyers, especially those with money, are far too Feng Shui savvy to see just this superficial level.

It’s about the internal structures and space, the way Qi flows from the main road into the residence and where it collects.

If you’re a property developer, you can easily boost your sales velocity by incorporating elements of this at design stage.

Master Ang on BBC World News

If you’re a home owner, you can boost the desirability of your house by refitting with the assistance of a Feng Shui master.

In either case, the return on investment of hiring a Feng Shui consultant can be huge as Embassy Gardens demonstrated.

Some investors have argued that they buy the houses for profit and anything that eats into that when they rent them on isn’t worth it.

Really? Have you ever tried renting a place out only to find that the tenants are constantly complaining of problems?

If the Feng Shui is bad, there’s an increased chance that the rental income the property makes may become troubled as the tenants become distressed.

In that sense, keeping the worst vagaries of Feng Shui away from an investment property isn’t altruistic, it’s an altruism that has one’s indirect best interests at heart – a selfish altruism! Or as His Holiness The Dalai Lama so brilliantly teaches, if one truly wishes to look after one’s own self interest, one must be “wisely selfish” by helping others.

Here’s to more developers using Feng Shui from outset. If more people had harmonious lives with less hiccups in their personal life, what difference could it make for society? For this, we must be grateful to the new rich of China.

New Study Shows Cancer Rate Rise Near Mobile Masts in Birmingham

Mobile antenna on Brodie Avenue

A recent study into an alleged cancer cluster in the Shadwell area of Birmingham, in Midlands UK has shown that there was a rise in the rate of certain types of cancers relative to other parts of Birmingham after a mobile phone base station was established there. Medical records from GPs and hospitals were obtained, over four 3-year time periods and carefully examined. These showed that there was a significant increase in the likelihood of developing cancer, compared with other people living in the West Midlands, though it did vary from cancer to cancer.

The report rightly concludes that just one study of one location is not conclusive and yet at the same time it does clearly highlight the importance of caution. EMFs are a powerful type of unseen energy and they’ve not been about for all that long. The science of what mobile phone emissions do to living organisms is still in it’s infacy and new forms of EMF are being rolled out all the time. 4G is the very latest and I’m sure the geeks are already at work planning what 5G or whatever comes next will be like. It’s unlikely that at this stage, their planning includes much consideration of what their EMFs are doing to life forms at a cellular level. More likely they’re thinking about how it can go faster, carry more data and reach further into homes and buildings than ever.

In my professional experience I have seen clients where there were numerous unexplained health issues that their doctors were struggling to treat them. Health issues often cause stress cracks to appear in people’s work and love lives. Of the cases I’ve seen personally, I would not recommend living near to a mobile phone mast or an electricity pylon. It does seem that brick gives some level of protection; clients I’ve seen where masts are in direct line of sight from their home have reported more symptoms than those where it was blocked by other buildings. There are specialists in electrosmog, a subject that’s beyond the scope of a traditional Feng Shui consultation, and some give ideas on things that can be done if you can’t move yourself away from the source of the pollution easily. I’ve seen protective paints for walls and special screens to put on windows that are designed to limit the amounts of EMFs entering the house. What I always recommend is this:

  1. Never buy a house near a mobile mast or electricity pylon. If you see what look like lamp posts with no lights on somewhere on your street, it’s a mobile mast. They call it ‘street furniture’. Avoid them and always say no when the council send applications from mobile companies to add more to your street. You stand little to gain from it being there and risk losing a lot
  2. Don’t use wifi at home. DLan is a way of sharing your broadband and network through electrical plug sockets and it is both faster and gives off far less electrosmog
  3. Always turn your mobile phone off at night. Please do not sleep with it turned on and left charging right by your head!

Technology is a must in this day and age however balance never goes out of fashion! Remember to give yourself plenty of time off-grid to make up for all that hard work and frantic connectivity when you are plugged into the system. At very minimum, make sure your IT and mobile communications equipment goes to sleep when you do.

Distance Feng Shui Consultations Can Now Include Live Webcam

Master Angela in traditional Chinese attire

Hi there! It’s Angela, welcome to my website!

Are you new to Feng Shui?

Have you tried Feng Shui but need a professional to check it over?

Would you like to have the age old secrets of Feng Shui benefit you?

If you use Feng Shui the right way, it can help you in your love life, your career and money situation, your health and most importantly, your happiness!

Can it really do this? Oh yes it sure can! And because it can, that is my profession. I am a Traditional Feng Shui Consultant and Chinese astrologist who uses tried and tested methods for making peoples lives happier, easier and better.

I get thousands of visitors every month and many people are from USA, Canada, Europe, everywhere around the world. Many people are looking for professional Traditional Feng Shui advice, but there are not that many consultants like me in their home town and its not always easy for me to be flying around everywhere all the time! There are not many consultants who are Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Consultants who speak good English, with my type of background, my type of experience or know what I know.

So to make things easier for me and you, I started a new service where you can email me your floorplans, digital photos of your house, your rooms, and then I analyse all the things you send me and talk to you over the phone about Feng Shui and advise you how to make it better or solve problems that you could be having. That was pretty good until I came up with an even better idea!

What if people could see me and I could see them wherever they are? Won’t that be even better? So what did I do?

I bought myself a webcam and microphone, the best ones I could find so now if you have got a webcam not only can you talk to me and ask me questions about your Feng Shui, you can also show see me live through MSN messenger or Yahoo Messenger.

I can see you, you can see me! You can show me, I can show you, anything you have got questions on. I can draw you diagrams, how to use a compass to take measurements in your house, in your bedroom. Now it doesn’t matter if you cannot find a Traditional Chinese Feng Shui professional locally in your home town, you can hire me!

So how does it work again Angela?

Ok, I will explain it again. If you have a telephone, you can send me your floorplans, photos via email and I will analyse it, get prepared and call you back on the phone. Then, I had an even better idea.

Now if you have a webcam, then not only can I talk to you on the phone, I can see you live and you can see me while I am talking to you! This means, that I can point to your floorplans you send over, you can show me things, get it? Isn’t it so EASY!

If you have a webcam and microphone/speaker, then we can just do everything via MSN messenger or Yahoo messenger.

With so many people having a webcam at home and broadband/ADSL (fast internet), the world is shrinking and you can see me and talk to me “LIVE” from the comfort of your living room right here right now! How Easy is that!!!

New Partnership between Ernest Anthony Prestige Property Finders and Rising Dragon Feng Shui Announced

Angela speaking for the BBC Good Moves Workshop at the BBC Good Homes Show

Make The Right Move When You Look For Your Next Home

Rising Dragon Feng Shui’s Angela Ang has long helped people make the right move when relocating and even ran 4 days of Feng Shui workshops for the BBC called “The Good Moves Workshop”. Now we are pleased to take the provision of Feng Shui services in the UK to a new high by announcing a new partnership between Rising Dragon Feng Shui and Bristol based prestige property finders, Ernest Anthony.

Earnest Anthony Prestige Property Finders logo
Ernest Anthony specialises in finding prestige homes and corporate property for both purchase and rental primarily in and around the South East of England for national and international clients. They offer a comprehensive service designed to save clients money, time, effort and stress by finding you the right property in the right area, making relocation easy.

“Feng Shui is always better when analysed before moving,” says Angela. “We’re all unique and each property fits us differently. Homes which contain the energies you need in places you can use make an incredible difference to your wellbeing. If you have that the typical results you’ll experience will include deeper, more revitalising sleep, increased clarity of thought, better concentration and greater vitality – the essential foundations of success.”

“Checking before buying allows you to get the best possible match between your energy field and that of your new home. What that means to you is that you’ll experience a greater level of happiness and success in your new home because it is supportive of you. In Canada for example, this practice is quite normal amongst those who know the importance of Feng Shui in maintaining an upward direction in life and therefore know it’s easier to get the right house for you when moving as that gives you choice over where to live. I’m delighted to be able to bring this valuable service within easy reach of UK home buyers through working with Ernest Anthony Prestige Property Finders.”

Ernest Anthony’s managing partner Jeremy Fraser said “We believe that we give an exceptional level of service to our clients but are always keen to add that something extra. By offering our private individual and relocating corporate clients the opportunity to have a Feng Shui assessment of a property before buying or renting, we are doing everything possible to ensure they get the best out of life once they’ve moved in.”

In these days of internet connectivity and mobile working, relocating to life outside the bustle of the city to beautiful countryside like South East England has never been more popular. Through this industry first initiative, Ernest Anthony are both raising the standards in UK relocation services and providing the best opportunity for Feng Shui consultation. Together we can help you make the right move.


Rising Dragon Feng Shui Consultants now based in Wimbledon London

Wimbledon Feng Shui

Rising Dragon Feng Shui is delighted to announce that it’s new offices in South West London are now operational and that our Feng Shui Consultants will operate from the new London borough of Merton location. The relocation to Wimbledon, London now enables us to serve our London Feng Shui customers more efficiently as well as reduce the cost of Feng Shui Consultations in London.

Speaking on the opportunity that being London based now gives her Feng Shui operation, Angela Ang said “For years, I’ve visited London on a weekly basis to provide Feng Shui consultations for clients around London. Being based in Wimbledon, South West London means that I’ll have more time and be able to service the majority of my clients more easily due to reduced travel. It’s greener, we’re in the thick of the action and we’re based in a great place in presitgious Wimbledon. Not to mention that our new offices are of course better Feng Shui!”

Rising Dragon Feng Shui’s new postal address is now:

Rising Dragon Feng Shui
PO Box 64985
SW20 2BD

Feng Shui on Channel 4

Feng Shui on Channel 4

Everyone in the UK will know Channel 4, famous for their intelligent and often thought-provoking programming, and those of you outside the UK will get the picture of who they are when we say they are the alternative to the BBC. Critically acclaimed for their insightful reporting and upwardly mobile tone, Rising Dragon Feng Shui was of course delighted when they asked if Angela could contribute towards a new feature area on their excellent 4Homes area of their website.

Channel 4 logoThe 4Homes area goes way beyond coverage of just their own programming. It has many areas covering everything to do with property from buying to DIY. And now it has a feature within its style area devoted to explaining the mysteries and use of Feng Shui. Supported by some words from Raymond Catchpole, Chairman of the UK Feng Shui Society, Angela gives both explanation and practical tips that you can use without a prior background in traditional Feng Shui. There’s even a special photo area of Feng Shui pointers we arranged exclusively for Channel 4.