Feng Shui Consultation Of Major New London Property Development

Embassy Gardens sky pool

The official press release was issued 20th Nov 2012. It’s reprinted here for ease of reading: Award winning Feng Shui consultancy, Rising Dragon Feng Shui, announce their role as Feng Shui advisors to Ballymore Homes’ new Embassy Gardens development There…
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CLSA use Feng Shui for Economic Forecast

CLSA Annual Feng Shui report

CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets is Asia’s leading, independent brokerage and investment group. With their headquarters in Hong Kong it’s hardly suprising that as a company they have a deep insight into Asian business practices. It’ll therefore be of great relief to…
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Angela Ang in Daily Express Property Feng Shui Feature

Feng Shui in The Daily Express

The Daily Express, one of the UK’s biggest daily newspapers, has a lively property section, Express Property. When they wanted to look at Feng Shui they asked our Angela Ang to contribute. Angela took the opportunity to emphasise that Feng…
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