Feng Shui For Pregnancy

Sussan pregnancy

Yesterday I read a BBC News Magazine article called ‘I wish IVF had never been invented’. I have, and currently am, working with couples undergoing IVF so it was insightful to hear the thoughts and views of those who have undergone this treatment. It wasn’t till I started working with IVF patients that I found out what this treatment can cost. Do you know?

It’s from £6,000 to £10,000 per treatment!

Clearly, you have to really want children to undergo this treatment. For some that’s an entire year’s wages and for many, it’ll wipe their savings out, especially if it requires more than one treatment. It’s not without risks, which include:

  • hot flushes
  • feeling down or irritable
  • headaches
  • restlessness
  • nausea and vomiting
  • shortness of breath
  • abdominal bloating
  • ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
  • ectopic pregnancies
  • miscarriage
  • multiple births

…and to top that off, the odds are against it actually working, especially as the woman gets older. According to the UK Government Human Fertility & Embrology Authority:

A woman’s ability to conceive a child reduces with age. If you are using your own eggs, on average, the younger you are the higher your chances of success.

In 2010 (the year for which the most recent data is available) women having in vitro fertilisation (IVF) using fresh embryos created with their own fresh eggs, the percentage of cycles started that resulted in a live birth (national averages) was:  

  • 32.2% for women aged under 35
  • 27.7% for women aged between 35–37 
  • 20.8% for women aged between 38–39
  • 13.6% for women aged between 40–42
  • 5.0% for women aged between 43–44
  • 1.9% for women aged 45 and over 

Please note that IVF and intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) success are very similar and as such are no longer presented seperately. The above results are for both IVF and ICSI together.

So with a big financial and physical cost, together with the emotional stress, IVF is clearly not a one-way ticket to happy families. At the same time, I know that IVF is not the only option for enhancing fertility.

Hannah was the first woman to call me to ask if I could use my Feng Shui formulas to help her and her husband start a family. This was in 2001.

Hannah and baby!

I did a Feng Shui consultation at her house. They’d had a lot of trouble conceiving and had heard that “bad Feng Shui” could prevent pregnancy, so I wanted to make sure that the Chi outside her house and the Chi inside her house was correct.

As she had already checked with her doctors and the doctors could not find anything wrong with her, she decided to look on the internet and find an authentic Chinese Feng Shui consultant. She told me that when she saw my face, she knew that I would be the one to help her.

And she was right! The result is in the photos! I did some Feng Shui magic, and she conceived within only a few months and then her baby was born!

It still gives me a big, cheeky grin to this day to say I got Hannah pregnant! It was lovely to hear from her sometime after to say first she was pregnant and later that she’d given birth. It was a very special day to go by sometime later and see the happy family:

Angela and babySince Hannah, I’ve worked with several other cases where either getting pregnant or carrying to completion have been challenges. Some of the couples have had IVF or are undergoing IVF when I come to support them and I’m pleased to say that there are more happy families since I used Feng Shui for pregnancy with them:

Pauline gets pregnant!
Pauline is from California, USA and her husband Peter is Scottish. They had difficulty with conceiving as well and had already tried different alternative therapies. But nothing did the magic for them. Until they called me into their house to check their Feng Shui.
In Pauline’s case, I did the Feng Shui and recommended certain changes be made. However, I could still feel there was something else that needed changing. Part of Pauline’s house is a very old house, from over 100 year old. There had been a lot of past energies still remaining and this I felt was what was hindering them on top of the Feng Shui. So I told Feng Shui that I also recommend that I do a Buddhist ritual to “space clear” the energies of the place.
Being a Californian, a spiritual woman and believing that all things happen for a reason, Pauline agreed to my recommendations. So I came back to her house to do the Buddhist ritual and cleared away the old negative vibes from the people who lived there before her and her husband.
And guess what? Soon after that, Pauline was pregnant! I was Pauline’s new best friend after that as well. And Pauline calls me to do more Buddhist rituals for her and her husband whenever they need a boost in his career or help with anything else. Pauline is now a firm believer in Feng Shui and sees me for Feng Shui every year.
Happy family!
Jay and his wife were feeling the pressure after having problems with conception after years of trying. Being Asian, the pressure could be even greater as Asian parents expect grand children quite quickly. They do not like you to waste time.
Jay told me him and his wife were starting to feel quite bad when so much time had passed and his family and relatives kept asking them when?
After I checked his Feng Shui, I laughed and told him very confidently in his case, I’m pretty sure it was just a case of them having absorbed bad Feng Shui energies. I made a bargain with them and said if you get pregnant, will you let me have some pregnancy photos and send out some good Karma to the world so that they know by changing their Feng Shui could be their answer? They agreed. And that is how I have gotten these photos of them after she was about 8 months. I do not know why, but pregnant women seem to like wearing black!
The Feng Shui stork calls for another couple!
Sussan pregnancy

I have known Sussan since I was in high school and it was by chance that she had moved to London because her husband lived here. I did not know that Sussan had problems with getting pregnant until she told me. She had been trying for more than 3 years! And as she was nearing the big 40, her heart was sinking.

“Oh Sussan, come on, we are friends. You should not be so shy or embarassed. You should have told me earlier. The faster you start getting help, the faster you can try and get pregnant.”

Sussan’s bump

In Sussan’s case, her apartment she was living in was totally bad. I advised her to move and get acupuncture after looking at her Chinese Bazi charts. Certain charts show the woman or man or both need extra help. I was very frank with her. Sussan was a cheapskate and did not want to pay for acupuncture. I told her you will forget how much you paid, but you will increase your chances of having a baby. Nothing is guaranteed in life, so how much do you want to have a baby?

If you want to have a baby, then you will do whatever it takes. It is shocking what cheapskates people can be. They can buy designer outfits, yet when it comes to their health and fertility, well being, that is where they want to stop spending. Anyways, after I told her off, she did what I told her to do and the photo shows you the result.

There are more happy baby cases I have not written about. Most of my time, I’m driving up and down the country and seldom have time to write as much as I would like.

It was a recent visit of Pauline’s house that prompted me to finally get this article written for all the women who need hope and help! If I don’t tell you about this, then how will you know? You just won’t.  Simple.

How much is a baby worth to you? If it is worth it, then try Feng Shui. It is not 100% guaranteed. However, it is a lot cheaper than IVF which costs from £6,000 to £10,000 and hard on your body with all the drugs you have to take and terrible side effects.

What people need to remember in life is this:

Know what you want and be willing to pay the price!! 


If bad Feng Shui is the cause, then good Feng Shui is the cure.

You just do not know until you try. If you do not want to try, then you may be childless and regret into your old age.

So who would like to be my next success story? Is it worth a try? I think so, it is much cheaper than IVF and who knows what else Feng Shui could help you with?

Don’t just sit there feeling sorry for yourself, if you have been doing that and not taking any action, that is called giving up and self sabotage. If you want something you must go for it.

Take action today and call 07842 919878 for an appointment or send me an email if it is outside of office hours. Get in touch now.


Feng Shui Stories: The King Dog

Emperor Qin's throne

Today, I would like recall the true story of a Feng Shui consultation I did many years ago now.  I’d travelled out to rural Cambridgeshire. At the time I was living in Buckingham, but travelled the UK and would drive to see Feng Shui clients in London or Birmingham at least a couple of days a week.

Whilst travelling itself is tiring, Cambridge and its surrounding villages are charming. Arrived at my clients home, I got my Feng Shui luopan compass ready and went to the door to say hello when I heard a dog start barking. I could tell by the voice of the dog that it was fairly big breed. I love animals and generally get on well with them but nothing prepared me for what I’d find inside…

Boxer dog

I sat in the client’s living room while she brought tea and begun to tell me her story. Her husband worked in the travel industry and had to commute far daily. She was at home alone so they’d bought a dog to keep her company. The dog – a young, male albino Boxer dog – was muscular and strong, as per its breed. Unlike some dogs that terrify guests, it didn’t try to leap up at me although it did make it’s presence known. The saliva dripping from it’s mouth was more slobber from excitement than drooling aggression. Yet when the owner tried to talk, something very unusual became apparent. The dog was in charge.

At first I thought it might simply be a case of high spirits with visitors having called, but sure enough the dog continued to show unusual behaviours.

If she tried to give her attention to me the dog would do something to make sure she brought it back to him.

It was like the dog was the owner and the owner was being taken for a walk!

Even when she tried to make him stay in the room next door, he made such a commotion that she brought him back in.

It took a long time to hear her story as there were lots of interruptions, especially for her! Eventually I was able to start my Feng Shui calculations.

Plotting the Flying Stars, reading the Forms and taking measurements with my Feng Shui luopan compass, I soon came to a solid conclusion. The spot by the stairs where the dog slept, was in fact the seat of power for the house. That’s why this young pup was no ordinary dog – he’d been elevated to king of the house by the couple, who had simply seen the location for his basket as convenient.

The presence of the seat of power in Feng Shui is one thing that is often overlooked by Feng Shui consultants. I have seen clients where one of their children has been given the room with the seat of power in it… with suitably terrible results! The child will not listen to sense, expects the parents to bend over backwards for them and will only eat/study/sleep as they see best. The parents are driven mad and their relationship with one another and their career comes under strain as a result.

It can also happen that at a business, the Feng Shui seat of power is given to a subordinate who ends up with the boss wrapped around his or her finger.

Bringing the household back into harmony by diagnosing the types of Qi within it, it’s typical to see the behaviour patterns brought up by giving the seat of power to the wrong person (or dog!) disappear over the coming weeks and months. I have seen many inconceivable things during my long years travelling the world as a Feng Shui consultant. The house you live in reveals the current state of your journey to your destiny. Those that know how to read the signs can help you break from the patterns of behaviour that keep you from being as great as you could be.

Feng Shui Consultation Of Major New London Property Development

Embassy Gardens sky pool

The official press release was issued 20th Nov 2012. It’s reprinted here for ease of reading:

Award winning Feng Shui consultancy, Rising Dragon Feng Shui, announce their role as Feng Shui advisors to Ballymore Homes’ new Embassy Gardens development

There is little doubt these days that the Dragon truly is rising. It’s hard to open an article on investment or economics and not be amazed by the massive transformation that has been going on in China. As the Dragon opens it’s doors, it’s created a growing middle class and many wealthy elites. Chinese manufacturing now pervades the world and it’s led to many Chinese nationals seeking accommodation for themselves in London where they can conduct business. Ballymore Homes are not only experts at building stylish developments, they’re keenly aware of the need to think from the buyer’s perspective and so enlisted the help of Rising Dragon Feng Shui founder, Master Angela Ang, when it came taking a Feng Shui consultation of their major new development at Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms.

A model of Embassy Gardens

“Feng Shui is no more a Chinese cultural practice than NLP is American”, spoke Angela Ang. “It works for or against everyone regardless of where they are from and knowledge of it is what allows you to choose which side of that equation you are on. However Chinese people talk about Feng Shui a lot because it has a long history in our culture just like the way Westerners talk about psychology a lot. I actually think the two disciplines go together very well and everyone can benefit from using either or better still, both.”

Working together, Rising Dragon Feng Shui and Ballymore Homes produced a comprehensive Feng Shui audit report of the Embassy Gardens developments which provides a useful run down of significant Feng Shui features in the location.

“As a Chinese person, I know that a lot of Westerners confuse Feng Shui with interior design. Aesthetics do have an impact and it’s placed as a small consideration in traditional Feng Shui,” continues Master Ang. “What Chinese people really want to know about when we talk about Feng Shui is whether the plot of land itself is in a good location. Does it have supporting features in the landscape that bring prosperous energy to that location? Are there forms within the landscape that help the Chi energy accumulate? These types of considerations are far more important since whether you walls are white or beige is easy to change, but it’s far harder to get a river to run by your home or a mountain to rise behind it. These are the types of things I looked for in my Feng Shui audit of Embassy Gardens and I’m delighted to say that Ballymore Homes have chosen a winner there. The fact that on top of that Ballymore have done such a stylish and decadent job on design aesthetics is just the cherry on the cake.”

The Feng Shui audit of Embassy Gardens is available for prospective buyers at this significant development. In total Embassy Gardens will deliver up to 2,000 new homes, potential for over 500,000 sq ft of office and flexible workspace, new leisure facilities, including a new Heath and Well Being Centre, a 100 bed hotel and 130,000 sq ft of retail, bar and restaurant space including a new grocery store and other uses to support the 1,800 people working and visiting the new Embassy every day. It has been built in close conjunction with Wandsworth Borough Council as part of the regeneration of over 20 acres of industrial and warehousing land combined with The Mayor of London called the area the new central London and the US Government deciding to relocate it’s embassy there.

Prospective buyers are urged to inspect the Embassy Gardens website, www.embassygardens.com, and to contact the Ballymore sales team early to avoid disappointment. Buyers at Embassy Gardens should also be informed that Rising Dragon Feng Shui are offering special Feng Shui consultations with Master Ang to assist them in choosing the ideal property for them within the development. These Feng Shui consultations are offered at a special discounted rate for buyers and Master Ang is uniquely well qualified to serve clients interested in this development given her intimate knowledge of the location. Interested buyers should visit http://www.rising-dragon.co.uk/embassygardens or call +44 208 123 9800.


Feng Shui of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Barcelona

Throughout the world, the name Mandarin Oriental Hotel is synymous with quality service, luxurious locations and breath taking ambience. Since The Mandarin Hotel of Hong Kong merged with The Oriental Hotel of Bangkok to form Mandarin Oriental Group, the organisation has gone from strength to strength and continues to be a major source of pride for Hong Kong on whose HKEX Stock Exchange the group are floated.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group logoMandarin Oriental Hotels are reknown for their great interiors using Feng Shui principles to create harmonious spaces. It’s public knowledge that the group use Feng Shui date selection to open a hotel or make rennovation and their clientelle of celebrities, statesmen and world-leading businessmen means the standards are exacting.

It was therefore a great honour that when Mandarin Oriental Hotels wanted to launch their new ground breaking 5 star boutique hotel and spa in Barcelona, they approached me and asked if I would travel to Spain and bless the opening ceremony. Attended not only by press, VIPs and the Mayor of Barcelona, even the Chief Executive of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group came all the way from Hong Kong. I was delighted to be part of their grand opening and to commemorate the occassion, I’ve put together a photo tour of some of the incredible sights I saw inside this beautiful hotel.

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Feng Shui of Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Cafe Casino

An Onsite Assessment of the Feng Shui of Las Vegas’s Hard Rock Cafe Casino by Devra Robitaille

Last month, our Master Angela Ang was asked to provide advice on Sky One’s Russell Grant Show for Ashley Revell, a professional gambler who’s decided to spend all his worldly worth on a single televised bet in Las Vegas. Curious to find out more, Angela spoke to her friend and fellow student of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai, Las Vegas’s very own Feng Shui Consultant and Columnist, Devra Robitaille (www.spacialharmony.com). Devra very kindly took her Lopan to the Hard Rock Casino – the only casino in Las Vegas willing to take on a bet as big as Ashley’s! Here’s Devra’s special report on the Hard Rock Casino and Ashley Revell:

Feng Shui consultant, Devra RobitailleThe Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is outrageous. It embodies everything synonymous with Las Vegas. It’s loud, it’s fiery and it’s brash. When my friend Angela Ang of Rising Dragon Feng Shui asked me to help her by being the “johnny on the spot” so to speak, doing a little remote Feng Shui on her behalf, I was flattered and very willing to join the caper. Not that Ashley Revell thinks of it as a caper; he’s deadly serious about it, and going for the gusto!!

Ashley, a professional gambler, was recently interviewed on a SKYONE chat show by England’s favorite astrologer, Russell Grant. He is selling his house and his car, in fact everything he has and is going to bring all the money here to Las Vegas and wager it on one spin of the roulette wheel, red or black to win!! It’s going down at 2pm next Sunday, April 11th.

The Hard Rock is a huge place that dominates the North West corner of Paradise and Harmon, just off the Las Vegas Strip. Jutting out from the front entrance is a giant rock guitar, and everything else about the place from that point on is just as surreal. It was difficult to get a good compass reading on the main doors as there is so much metal and electricity about the place, I thought I was going to get sucked into a black hole!! But alas, although I would have enjoyed the adventure, I kept my feet on the ground, and found it to face 130 degrees South East. (That’s the facing direction looking out through the doors like eyes looking out through a face!)

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Once inside, it takes a few minutes for the vision to adjust, one is blasted by raging heavy metal rock music, there’s a shiny motorcycle right at the top of the steps leading down to the casino, and everything has a kind of glowing red aura about it. It’s pretty intense, and pretty fabulous.

I was guided over to the roulette tables by a very helpful and charming Casino boss, and Security was advised not to arrest me, while I took my pictures. They don’t normally allow this, but they made an exception in my case. They had all heard of Ashley Revell and the caper, and they seemed to be wishing him well – interesting since technically if he wins, the Casino loses!

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There are only five roulette tables. They are mounted on Grand Pianos. Fascinating. My Casino friend didn’t know which table Ashley was going to be using, but since they all align the same way, unless they are bringing in a different one, there aren’t too many choices – at least not from a Feng Shui perspective. But I should add here that Feng Shui is not the only factor. There are many levels of energy, many layers of Spirit. I tell my own clients it’s like the table supporting the plate, which holds the food, which is enhanced by a sauce which is chased by a good wine! Many different levels of energy. What we are trying to do is maximize the good chi so that he gets the best possible chance for good fortune – but we can’t make him win. He is the author of his own fate!

Having said that, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying to tip the balance for success. After all, anyone who lives in Vegas will tell you about things that the Casinos reportedly do to gain an edge. Cell phones don’t work in the Casinos. Hmmmm, no distractions! I’ve always found that suspicious. Surely with our modern technological genius we could make a little cell phone work. And apparently, they pump pure oxygen into the ventilation system, which keeps you alert (and up all night at the tables). Also they put wonderful smells through the air, cocoanut and vanilla, tropical breezes. There are no clocks in the Casino either, and just you try to find a bathroom! (that’s American for Loo!) The Casino floor is designed so you always have to walk through the tables and machines to find anything, be it the Restroom or the Restaurant. The way out is not easy to stumble upon either!!! Signs are few and far between. Sometimes I have felt like I would die right there and they’d find my body centuries from now inches from Valet!

So I think we could even the score a bit and give Ashely Revell a little edge of his own – some good Feng Shui.

Ashley is a life Kua number 2, according to the information I received. So what we want to do is have him facing his most fortunate direction, his “generating breath” or “Sheng Chi”. This would be North East. The way the five Roulette tables are orientated Ashley would have to place himself at the end of table number 301 or 309 (the two on the left side as you enter) to be able to sit so as to receive this generating energy. If he positions himself facing the door or the stairs he would be facing either South or North, neither of which are good for him (although there is a small slice of South, around 167 degrees, that emits a good vibe). Because the Roulette tables are shaped like pianos, the edges are a bit angled, which makes it difficult to get an exact reading. But my call would be to put him at the end of #301, or 309 and take a quick reading of his chair before the fateful spin of the wheel so his body is pointing towards about 40 degrees (actually between 37.6 and 52.6 degrees).

Now, as I mentioned, Compass school Feng Shui is decidedly not the whole picture, or the whole meal as I described in my analogy. There is also the Flying stars of the building which we are not able to take into consideration, not to mention the monthly stars, the good or bad directions of the enemy! Did I say enemy? Well, the dealer anyway. There are also a great many things having to do with Ashley himself that I could have no way of knowing.

So what I’d like to say is Good luck to Ashley Revell, May the Chi be with him!!!

Devra Robitaille is an experienced classically trained Feng Shui consultant who works in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She writes a regular Feng Shui column in the Nevada Examiner. Many thanks to Devra for this special on-site report.




Wolverhampton Feng Shui

Wolverhampton Feng Shui Consultation

When Claim Link, a personal injury claims firm, first approached us to Feng Shui their Wolverhampton office, we were intrigued. Aren’t these firms just out to exploit people? Are they some kind of shark? Would it be right to help them if they were of such character?

Since the metaphysical arts allow people to alter the normal flow of karma, our masters have always advised us never to help criminals or those of bad intention to others avoid the life lessons they rightfully need to face. An exploration of the personality of their management would be possible by using the Ba Zi method of Chinese Astrology and it was here that we started our consultation.

Jim Uppal, mild mannered and legally trained founding director of Claim Link explained. “Having worked in the legal field, I was astounded to see the way that so many employers were treating their staff. People would get injured and in many cases they were made to feel like it was their fault and their responsibility. The employee had done their level best for the employer, often over years, and yet when something goes wrong the employer has looked to simply discard that person without rightful recompense. It shouldn’t be that way. Employers shouldn’t be allowed to bully, exploit or abuse their staff and they cannot be allowed to be negligent. Time and time again, I’ve seen them try to get away with almost medieval type of conduct. You wouldn’t believe some of the stories I’ve seen. It is exactly because of this kind of unfair treatment that I wanted to use my skills to fight for justice for the victims. When people come to Claim Link, we take action to ensure that justice is done and that employers start to wake up to the fact that they need to be responsible.”

Angela Ang with Jim Uppal, Director of Claim Link, Wolverhampton and Birmingham
Angela Ang with Jim Uppal, Director of Claim Link, Wolverhampton and Birmingham

Looking at Jim’s astrological Ba Zi charts we could clearly see that he was both honest and sincere, a person who realised that true happiness wouldn’t be found in material gain. “Oh my god, you don’t know me! How do you know that?!” was Jim’s exclamation as Angela delivered her reading to him, and identified past events in her calculations. What those events where is of course entirely confidential, but Jim will testify to their accuracy, thus verifying our character reading of him.

In Yuen Liao Fan’s classic from the Ming Dynasty, Four Essays on Karma, there is a section in which Liao Fan tells us of what happened to him after he had his destiny read by an accomplished master of divination. It reads:

As time passed, I worked for a year at the capital, but was not inclined to study for advancement. Instead, I spent most of my spare time in meditation. When I returned to Nanking, I went to Mountain Qi-xia to visit Zen Master “Cloud Valley”. We practiced Zen meditation together for three days and three nights without sleeping.

Master Cloud Valley asked, “You have meditated for three days and three nights without distraction of improper thoughts and desires, unlike other ordinary people. May I ask what is the reason?”

I replied, “Mr. Hung has convinced me that my life is predetermined. There is no reason for me to have any presumptuous thoughts or desires.”

Master Cloud Valley responded, “If one does not awaken to his own nature and achieve a quiescent mind, then one’s life is governed by the dual force (Yin and Yang) of the Universe, and hence one’s fate shall be predetermined. However, a person whose nature is extremely kind will not be restrained by fate; neither will the ones who are the most wicked. So, for twenty years, you have let yourself be bound by fate. You are just an ordinary being and I thought you were a sage.” Then, he burst into laughter.

I asked, “So, do you think one can change one’s own fate?”

Master said, “As the proverb says: ‘One creates one’s own fate, and one’s outer appearance is projected from one’s mind. Calamity and happiness never enter a door-except when invited.’ It also says in the Buddhist scripture: ‘One shall have fortune, longevity, or a son or daughter if one wishes for it.’ This is not an irresponsible remark. Absence of deceit is one of the fundamental precepts of a Buddhist, and Buddhas and Bodhisattvas do not deceive people.”

“Mencius mentioned that one should wish for things that one can work for, such as loyalty and a moral character. As far as prestige and wealth are concerned, they are bestowed by others. How can one wish for them?” I asked.

“Mencius’s words are true, but you need to arrive at a further understanding. The sixth patriarch Zen master Hui-Neng said, ‘All seeds of fortune are within one’s mind. Look into one’s heart and one will get what one wants.’ Man should seek help from within himself, and practice earnestly to attain goodness. He will win respect from all others; consequently, external things like prosperity, fame and success in society follow. If a person doesn’t seek within his heart, his pursuit of fame and wealth, no matter how hard he tries, will be in vain.”

It is important in the understanding of Feng Shui to appreciate that both Karma or destiny and Freewill exist at the same time and there is no contradiction in that. It is simply the case that most people are unaware of their karma and are unable to step out of the flow of life to master their own destiny. Using Feng Shui is a powerful step in the right direction as it allows one to enjoy worldly riches and a smoother existence. Then one may cultivate the understanding required to exist solely in a state where one chooses what happens. The other important step is to cultivate a good heart and lead one’s life with the sincere intention of benefiting both society and others.

Yuen Liao Fan says:

“There are plenty of smart people in this world. However, not too many of them are successful, because they do not cultivate their morality and simply seek ease and comfort, wasting their treasured life.”

Jim Uppal’s sincere desire to help people enjoy a working life free from exploitation is an admirable cause. By helping people when they need help most, Claim Link can change the course of the their life for the better. An honest intention to make the world a better place will help one cultivate the heart, and with that all the riches and joys of the world are certain to follow. Having met Jim, we wish him all the best in the future, that he may be able to bring happiness to many others as well as himself.


Last Orders Please, Time At The Bagua!

Feng Shui bagua

The following story was volunteered by one of our clients and tells a tale of Feng Shui at work in her home town. Perhaps next time you visit the shops, you’ll see what Feng Shui is doing for their business!

Here’s a little story that happened in my town that I thought you might find interesting…

In a busy part of our town there is a lovely Chinese Restaurant that has been run by the same family for many years. It is directly opposite a slightly tatty pub that used to be our local. The restaurant is well run, clean and has reliably good food. For a long time the family kept applying to the Local Council for a licence to operate a take-away service but were constantly turned down. They tried to sell take-aways anyway, without a licence, and were told of course to stop. After a few years of this the Restaurant owners opened up a small Chinese store next door to their restaurant instead, selling all varieties of food, lanterns and ornaments.

Convex Bagua

One day I went into the store to buy a few things, and happened to notice lots of Bagua mirrors hanging up in the window, as well as an assortment of Feng Shui ‘ornaments’. I started talking to the owner who explained that he did not know anything about Feng Shui; he sold the mirrors because it was traditional for such stores to sell them in his native Hong Kong. He had hung them up in the window in all innocence, decorating the window.

Whilst passing the properties over the months I noticed that, some time after opening the shop, the owner was finally successful in his take-away licence application. A while again after that we heard that the pub across the road, which had been steadily deteriorating for some time, had been declared Bankrupt! The pub is now under new ownership and has been completely refurbished at some considerable cost. The restaurant and shop are still there and open for business, bagua mirrors too. I am waiting to see what happens next…

Feng Shui in Epsom for Nam Yang Kung Fu

From left - Master Iain Armstrong, Rising Dragon Feng Shui Consultant Angela Ang and the head of Nam Yang Kung Fu Association, Master Tan of Singapore

When Dragons Gather, Auspiciousness will Result

Traditional warriors of auspiciousness, who chase off negative energies, scare away evil spirits and bring good fortune, the Southern Shaolin style Kung Fu of the Nam Yang Pugilistic Association is an exotic blend of culture, history, athleticism and self-mastery.

They combine elements of the five original martial systems of the southern Shaolin Temple: the Tat Moh, Lohon, Tiger Kung Fu, Monkey and White Crane style Kung Fu, with emphasis on the White Crane and Tiger styles of Kung Fu.

Along with hard and soft chi kung , the Shaolin weapons and ‘San Da’ full contact fighting, Nam Yang present a complete system of Chinese martial arts.

Ranked fourth in the world at traditional Kung Fu Lion dancing in the World Championships 2000, we went to their UK headquarters in Epsom, Surrey just outside London to meet their lineage master, Sifu Tan of Singapore and their UK master, Sifu Iain Armstrong. They wanted to see if Rising Dragon Feng Shui could use traditional Feng Shui techniques to improve their chi, form and concentration and give them the boost they need to become world number 1.

Nam Yang Kung Fu perform a Dragon Dance for the Jubilee Celebrations
Nam Yang Kung Fu perform a Dragon Dance for the Jubilee Celebrations

“Traditional Kung Fu practice is rare indeed,” Master Tan confided. “These days there are many people who claim to know the complete Shaolin Kung Fu system, but few have mastered the subtleties. For Nam Yang Kung Fu, we are very proud to be able to say that we can trace our lineage back through history to Tat Mo (Boddhidharma), the famous Indian Monk who traveled through the Himalayas to China to spread Buddhism there. I learned from my master, Master Ang Lian Huat, who brought the Kung Fu system to Singapore from Taiwan. He himself learned Kung Fu from ‘the secretive old man’ Tee Hong Yew, Tan Kew Leong, leader of the herbal medicine peddlers in Fukien Province’s Chuan Chew district and Moa Xiang Meng, a monk from the Chuan Chew Shaolin Temple. Thus we are able trace the passage of the authentic Kung Fu back through generations.”

“Likewise, when we looked to appoint a Feng Shui consultant we were very careful about who we used. Firstly you should look to see that the Feng Shui consultant has learned from a reputable master. I myself have personally met one of Angela Ang’s masters, Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai as he is head of the Malaysian Wushu Martial Arts Federation, he is highly respected in South East Asia as a Feng Shui master. Secondly a consultant should have a good understanding of the guiding principles behind the system such as chi, Ba Zi, Tai Sui and the Tong Shui. Without a depth of understanding, their results may be invalid. Just as a poorly trained Kung Fu practitioner stands a good chance of injuring himself or other through his exploits, so too a poorly trained Feng Shui consultant is a danger. Look for someone who understands the traditional details rather than one who entertains fashionable ideas and you will be spending your money wisely”

From left - Master Iain Armstrong, Rising Dragon Feng Shui Consultant Angela Ang and the head of Nam Yang Kung Fu Association, Master Tan of Singapore
From left – Master Iain Armstrong, Rising Dragon Feng Shui Consultant Angela Ang and the head of Nam Yang Kung Fu Association, Master Tan of Singapore

The Nam Yang system of Shaolin Kung Fu gives us incredible testimonies to the truth of Chi. Through a rigorous programme of training and internal development, Sifu Iain Armstrong is able to raise his students Chi to the level where they are able to manipulate it to withstand powerful strikes without injury. “It’s not about being the hard man” said Sifu Iain. “It’s about dedication to mastering yourself and harnessing the amazing potential that you have as a human being. The Nam Yang Kung Fu system is suitable for both sexes and all age groups. We’re not masochist and we do not do this in our training all the time! These demonstrations are purely to let people know what the human body is capable of.”

Seeing pictures of Sifu Iain and his students demonstrating traditional Shaolin Kung Fu techniques like Iron Shirt Chi Gung, Iron Throat Chi Gung and even Iron Groin Chi Gung, one quickly realises that if it were not for the power of Chi that these people have mastered within themselves they would be suffering serious injury to put on such demonstrations as these:

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Photos courtesy of Combat Magazine and are reproduced from their May 01 feature on Master Iain Armstrong

“Practicing the Nam Yang system brings many benefits” explained Sifu Tan. “Firstly one will learn to master oneself, developing greater self-control, discipline, respect and patience. These qualities for the basis of a successful life, and it is true that the perfection of character may be achieved by practicing martial arts.”

“Secondly, one’s Chi becomes very strong and one benefits from good health. You become very resistant to illness; I myself very rarely fall sick, even when many around me have flu or colds. One’s vital energy is nurtured and preserved by the system, giving you health into your old age and helping you avoid many of the ailments others will suffer from as they grow older”

“Additionally, you learn an effective system of self-defence and will develop confidence to lead the life you want. Learning this system from a traditional Kung Fu association like ours gives you access to all these within a friendly and easy-going environment. We don’t bully or force people to do more than they are capable of. We work to bring up your level until you are able to say that you live the Shaolin way. Not many other people can offer you that”

With such a great understanding of Chi within the Nam Yang Kung Fu association, we knew they would understand the benefits of good Feng Shui at their Epsom training centre. They would be able to draw on the Chi to strengthen their practice and form and by checking its flow they would minimise the risk of injury while training. It would help enhance their mental clarity and reduce brain fog, allowing them to reach their fullest potential.

The Epsom, Surrey Branch of the Nam Yang Kung Fu Association with Master Tan of Singapore and Rising Dragon Feng Shui Consultant, Angela Ang
The Epsom, Surrey Branch of the Nam Yang Kung Fu Association with Master Tan of Singapore and Rising Dragon Feng Shui Consultant, Angela Ang

Using the Ba Zi method of divination, we are able to see that a period of growth, prosperity and good luck awaits Nam Yang Association in the UK. Even though they have over 500 practitioners at clubs in Epsom, Brighton, Stoke, Portsmouth and Croydon this is just the beginning for them. However, if there were faults with their Feng Shui it would inhibit that future from being as bright as it should be.

Angela Ang performed a wide range of traditional formula including placing the seat of the gods, examining the Eight Mansions and Twenty Four Mountains, looking at the Xuan Kong Flying Star method and checking for defects that would affect the form of the area. She also used a powerful “Breaking Killings” Fu, a potent technique from Taoism that allows one to subjugate all negative energies using a spiritual charm or fuju.

In New Revelations from the Buddha King, Grand Master Sheng-yen Lu said:

“The knowledge of Feng Shui is wide and profound. There are many and varied schools around. I have learned the “Nine Star tradition” from Qing Zhen the priest. The purpose of learning Feng Shui is to change the fate of human beings; and carry out the salvation mission.

Armed with the knowledge of Feng Shui is just like having two knives, I am able to go through fire and water to help the poor and the needy, to show my bold and uninhibited characters. In fact, I even thought of using Feng Shui to lead a vagrant life. To make my home wherever I am, and maintain an uncertain whereabouts.

The cream of Feng Shui once mastered will lead to instant results. Traditional knowledge of Feng Shui will need at least 3 to 5 years if not 10 years to master. Moreover we need to practice divination. The knowledge of Feng Shui must surely be fake if there is no success in our interpretations.

Since Qing Zhen the priest is the best in Feng Shui, my skills will never be too bad.

It is a pity that nowadays, most of the Feng Shui practitioners are without any lineage. With only a little knowledge, they just set up shop to mislead others. It is too bad!”

The Nam Yang Traditional Kung Fu Association will provide regular feedback with us in the future, as well as at shows around the country and in Combat magazine. You can contact them by visiting their website or by calling them on 01372 725918




Balance Is Auspiciousness In Food & Feng Shui

Thai food

The Sala Thai Restaurant serves up a fine flavour of Thai and Chinese cuisine from its romantically lit premises in the holiday resort of Northern England, Blackpool. The owners, Peter and Maew Lui, had enjoyed eight happy seasons running the business and had started a family of their own since arriving in Blackpool. Now they wanted to take on a new challenge – they wanted to extend their business to include a take-away element from extended premises. Not foolishly leaving anything to chance, they took the initiative to call a Feng Shui consultant to audit their Feng Shui prior to opening.

The Sala Thai Restaurant, Blackpool
The Sala Thai Restaurant, Blackpool

“Good Chinese food is all about balance and harmony,” spoke Peter. “Flavours should complement one another, and you shouldn’t find that one over powers the other. Take our famous Sweet and Sour dishes for example. Tasting a little of the sauce, one should be hard pressed to say whether it is sweet or sour, because it is a careful balance of both. Likewise, within the dishes selected there should also be good blend of flavours. Fried foods are considered ‘heaty’ and these should be balanced with others like soups or steamed dishes to make for the most exquisite taste sensation. At the Sala Thai, we offer all the choice you could want to find a meal that is perfectly balanced and invigorating for the senses.”

One of the many things a Feng Shui consultant must consider when looking at a house is whether it has balance. The simplest form of this analysis involves looking at the left and right hand sides of the building and looking for balance. This is known as looking at the Tiger and Dragon. Grand Master Sheng-yen Lu finely illustrated the complexity there is in this:

Some people asked: “What is the best appearance of a house?”

I answered: “Symmetry”. It sounds simple, but in fact there a lot of learning involved.

Some people prefer to make their house exotic and outstanding with strange looks. As long as they keep the Five Elements in harmony, without contradictory forces, it is symmetrical.

The Esoteric teachings, for example, advocate “Five Wheels and Five Wisdoms.”

The Five-Wheel tower has this shape: peach-tip shape at the top, beneath is a prolonged semi-circle, then is a triangle, further down is a circle and at the bottom is a square.

The Five Elements are Fire, Wood, Water, Metal and Earth. Earth generates Metal; Metal generates Water; Water generates Wood and Wood generates Fire.

If the Five Elements are arranged in that order together with their corresponding shapes, some rotation clock-wise will give you a shape that is original and outstanding.

If we are not craving for “fashion”, an ordinary symmetrical house will be very lucky.

The “dragon side” and the “tiger side” must be symmetrical. This is a very important point.

If you stand facing to the gate, your left hand side is the dragon side and your right hand side is the tiger side.

It would be best to have perfect symmetry between the dragon and the tiger sides.

The symmetry could also be “a long dragon and a tall tiger.”

Blackpool sees variances in trade caused by seasonal fluctuations. In the summer holiday season, the warm weather draws people in their droves to enjoy Blackpool’s three piers and numerous attractions. As the cooler weather draws in, tourism quietens down in Blackpool. Previously Peter and Maew had dealt with the changing seasons by wintering in Thailand and opening to catch the summer’s visitors. Now they have two active young children to care for. Their need for stability and education had led the Luis to take a new perspective on work. Their new takeaway will offer their Chinese and Thai food all year round, allowing them to cater for the large population within Blackpool itself.

“I firmly believe in Feng Shui” said Maew. “Back in Thailand the Chinese will always talk about this. It is a known thing to have your business checked, but I notice that the Feng Shui used in the Far East is a lot more complicated than much of the stuff you see in books in the West. I don’t think it is as effective as the traditional Chinese Feng Shui or as safe. Back home, we get a lot of stories about Yin House Feng Shui – that means where your ancestors are buried. It is well known that if the grave is inauspicious then all kinds of problems may result for the descendants from business disaster to bad habits and even craziness. If you have a good Feng Shui consultant help you create the right Feng Shui then you will be able to prosper and won’t have so many trials to go through.”

Like the fine flavours of Chinese and Thai food, the recipe for success in Feng Shui is not one which is easily home cooked. For Oriental things, you’ll get the real flavour when you get an Oriental to do it for you. Easier than trying to make your own Sweet and Sour or Satay sauces, go to the Sala Thai restaurant. Easier than trying to fly your own stars or balance the Five Elements yourself, call Rising Dragon Feng Shui.


Feng Shui Carpets?

Angela in Buddhist robe

Stourport is just outside Birmingham, Kidderminster, Redditch and Bromsgrove in the Midlands. We went along to visit an up-and-coming business there to see how we could help them grow and prosper by using traditional Chinese Feng Shui.

Recommended Carpets is the work of Jonathan Carter, an expert in selecting and fitting quality carpets, and his wife Lesley. He’s prided himself on offering only impartial advice to his customers enabling them to select the right type and grade of carpet for their needs. Following his strategy of an honest deal sells best, he created the business from scratch and now serves a wide range of clients around the Midlands area, into Worcestershire and Warwickshire and beyond. In fact the companies name comes from the fact that they get most of their business by recommendation, hence Recommended Carpets!

“There’s a lot of thought goes into choosing the right carpet. You’ll want to get right so you can enjoy it for years to come, and with the right advice choosing a carpet is a pleasure” says Jonathan. “For example, if you are redecorating and laying new carpet, be sure to match it to your existing furniture to avoid having to replace expensive items like sofas. Then decide on the lower cost items such as paint or wallpaper to match the carpet. You’ll get a better finish that way and can save yourself a lot of time, money and bother”.

Now that Jonathan has established his business and with a bright and active young son to remember, he decided that now was the time he needed to firm up his base and lay the foundations for future growth. With the right use of Feng Shui he would undoubtedly enjoy prosperity and happiness within his family.

The following story has been published by Grand Master Sheng-yen Lu:

I once studied the new residence of a millionaire. It was claimed that this new residence was designed by a self-styled master of geomancy. To my surprise, however, the design was fraught with errors. This master of geomancy turned out to be an incompetent geomancer who became well known by sheer propaganda.

While I was shown around the place, the millionaire was boasting about the new style of the house, his wealth and his collection of antiques.

What amazed me was that this luxurious garden villa had got no “store of wealth”, because there was a through passage where the store of wealth should be.

The millionaire told me: “The man who designed the house is a world famous geomancer. He is often mentioned in the newspapers and he lectures on geomancy on TV. He’s got many, many students.”

“Why did you ask me to come then?” I giggled.

“Because Living Buddha Lian Shen has the Divine Eye who will know everything from one glance. Of course, more importantly, you are requested to give blessings to the new residence.”

“Do you want me to tell you the truth or lies?”

“Why? Anything wrong?” he was astonished.

“Block the through passage at once, and…” I pointed out to him all the places that needed changes.

The millionaire was dumb struck. He never expected that the house designed by a geomancer was full of loopholes. He became quiet and worried.

I regretted that I had shot off my mouth.

Afterwards, the millionaire didn’t follow my advice. He didn’t make any change. He believed that a geomancer who often gave TV lectures must be good enough.

About one year later :

One day, when the millionaire was preparing some fruit for visitors, he cut off one of his fingers.

He failed in his election campaign for the membership of Parliament.

Five of his six factories went to bankruptcy…….

Finally, the millionaire came to tell me: “You were right, Living Buddha Lian Shen! Within a year, I am finished! So those so-called geomancers turned out to be impostors! They are still cheating people today!”

Accuracy and having the right know-how are imperative to diagnose Feng Shui correctly. It should not be taken lightly to give Feng Shui advice and tips as being incorrect can yield disastrous results. For the Carters, their consultation was performed by Angela Ang who trained traditionally from recognised lineage masters. Similar to the Carter’s own honest approach to business, Angela provided straight forward solutions and answered all their questions. Her consultations are based on a flat fee rather than an hourly charge and she takes her time address all of her clients concerns on the day.

Angela in Buddhist robe
Angela in Buddhist robe

A few days after the consultation, we were very happy to receive a letter of recommendation from Lesley. It is reproduced here in full and without alteration:

Angela was very professional, warm and friendly. She had great knowledge about Feng Shui, listening to the problems and advised as necessary. After the consultation I felt as though I was floating on air. The great burden that I had been carrying around with me had been lifted and I felt so light.

We have total confidence in Angela and immediately put into action the suggestions that she had indicated would improve our financial position. Alternative cures were suggested to enable us to improve our lifestyle on a budget. I have great respect for Angela and would have no hesitation recommending her services to anyone. I believe the consultation was worth every penny.

L Carter
Recommended Carpets

When the store of wealth is properly arranged, it brings good luck to the family and there will be one success after another. The discovery and proper decoration of the wealth store can help make the best of the house design. Combining powerful Feng Shui principals with their own naturally positivity and warmth, we are certain that the future is bright indeed for Recommended Carpets.