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How to Strike it Lucky!
The following article was published in the Dundee Courier

National Lottery LogoRecently the National Lottery celebrated making its one hundred and fifty fifth millionaire, and twice a week thousands of us will queue up to see if it’s our lucky night. But is everything down to the luck of the draw or can you do anything to increase your chances of striking it lucky? The National Lottery asked Angela Ang, one of the UK’s top Feng Shui experts and speaker for the BBC, to give us some easy methods that anyone can use to increase their good fortune. Here is what she had to say:

Have you been thinking good luck is something that only happens to other people? Want to know how to make yourself luckier? Where there is a will there is always a way, so if you really want to win more lottery money, here are a few tips.

  1. Keep a Clean Mouth – The front door of your house represents your mouth, and it’s also where the lucky Chi energy can enter. Make sure that the approach isn’t overgrown, and keep the front of your house tidy. Avoid putting rubbish or thorny plants near the front door as this dissipates the amount of good energy entering your home

  2. Keep Auspicious Energies NearbyFeng Shui has many famous good luck charms, like Lucky I-Ching Coins. These are tied with red ribbon and kept in your purse, next to your lottery ticket, to attract extra money luck to you. Earlier this year, Bella Magazine featured a couple from Tyneside who won £70,000 after they begun using this type of charm – they really work!

  3. Reap What You Sow – We’ve all heard the saying, but are you taking action to make it happen? There are many charities out there like Oxfam or UNICEF who are working to make the poorest in the world richer and you can help them by giving money or time. And if you sow the seed of making people richer and happier, what would you reap?

  4. Give Yourself Some Support – an ideal Feng Shui house would have a gentle hill behind it for support and to keep the wealth energy in. If you don’t have this, or you live in a flat, you can symbolise the supportive hill by placing a Dragon Headed Tortoise statue in the rear of your home.

  5. Perform Random Acts of Kindness – Good deeds are one of the best ways of changing your luck. I personally recommend giving blood as this is an easy way to be a hero! You can actually save someone’s life through something so simple – making it a top way to boost your good Karma!

  6. Enter the Dragon – Dragons are the ultimate good luck symbol and keeping a pair of Chinese dragon statues brings in the positive energies needed for protection and prosperity. Place in the front room or study to symbolise success.

  7. Never Lose Hope – It is important not to start thinking “It’ll never happen to me” as thoughts carry power. If you don’t believe in your heart that you have it in you to win, do more to help others and you’ll soon start to feel better about yourself. After all, it only takes one lucky ticket to make a millionaire!

  8. Stick With It – most people have a few sets of numbers they always buy. Stick to your numbers! If you want to buy lucky dips as well, then buy them but keep your old sets of numbers.

You can find out deeper ways to better your luck by studying an online course with me that'll teach you traditional Feng Shui formulas. I always tell my clients that even if you have good Feng Shui and good luck, how can you win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket? Firstly you must get rid of your bad luck, then attract good luck. When this arrives you need to find ways of letting your good fortune manifest – that’s what the lottery is for! Following these simple steps you’ll find happiness and good luck comes into your life.

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