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Feng Shui Myths and Truths Revealed

We asked Angela Ang who needs Feng Shui, what is Feng Shui and why would you use it? Here are her comments:

Is This You? Yes No

  1. You wake up Feeling Tired even when you always sleep 8-9 hours a night

  2. Lack Energy, Low Sex Drive, bad health, always feeling tired and run down

  3. Stuck in a Rut, lack of direction and purpose, don't feel good about yourself….

  4. Too many arguments and bad relationships, thought about divorce (you still love him but not the arguments, you want it to work)

  5. Brain Fog, need more mental clarity, difficulty concentrating

  6. Difficulty saving. Debts never go away even when your try so hard! Something just happens and there goes your money again

  7. Stepped Over for promotions, always taken for granted, don't get the Recognition and Respect for your hard work. You have to work so much harder than others to get anywhere.

  8. You have tried your best to achieve but “Something Keeps Happening to block you from your success”

  9. You know what you should be doing, but don't do it or worse, do the opposite! This is called "Self Sabotage" is it happening to you?

  10. Negative Vibes in the house that don't go away

Have you answered more Yes’s than No’s? If you have honestly been trying to improve your situation but it has not been working, then read on, you may find your answer. Feng Shui is for positive, upwardly mobile people who are already trying, outputting 100% but receiving back only 50%. If this is you, then checking your Feng Shui could save you a lot of time and hard work. Life can get easier once you have sorted out the root cause of your problems.

The Real Facts about environmental influences
Your environment affects how your feel and how your think. It influences your quality of life on a daily basis. Your health, money making and saving ability, relationships is all under its influence. Think about it. Have you ever been to a place that just didn’t feel right? Did it make you feel uncomfortable? Do you feel more comfortable in your living room or your bedroom? Why should it be different? Isn’t it just bricks and mortar? Not all spaces make you feel the same. There are people out there who are already eating healthy, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep, but yet they still feel tired when they get up. This is something Feng Shui is excellent at helping people with.

What is Traditional Feng Shui?
Feng Shui means wind and water in Chinese. In plain English, it means “the cause and effect of the environment on us”.

Feng Shui originated over 6000 years ago; before the time of the pyramids. Over this period of time, through systematic research and scientific study, the Masters uncovered secrets of Heaven and Earth. They discovered the cause and effect of environmental energies in nature on mankind. Little by little, through their research, they founded the correlation between land forms, directions from the compass and the effect on the occupants in the area.

Formulas that could measure big spaces like mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes (macro Feng Shui) and the effect these would have on their surrounding occupants and time factors of when things good or bad would happen to occupants in them. That is why we only want to use proven methods for Feng Shui just like how you want to only use medicine that has been proven to work in trial studies.

There are different levels of Feng Shui. For those who are just starting, have not studied formulas, use objects and the general bagua grid. For advanced practitioners, people who help solve problems in clients lives, business Feng Shui, advise on architecture for business and personal success, these professionals will need to have studied advanced formulas, know the regular usuage, but most important the exceptions to the rules that happens to specific types of individuals and specific types of building structures. They will need to know how to use a luopan Feng Shui compass. How to make charts specific for each house occupant, each business partner according to that person's birth date. The advanced practitioner will also know how to create charts for each building depending on when it was built and when the people moved into the house. That is traditional Feng Shui. For people who are serious about creating change, they need to use more serious Feng Shui, formulas which have been studied to fine detail and is based on science and magnetic energies.

What is Not Traditional Feng Shui?

Clutter Clearing - One of the biggest myths is that Feng Shui is all about clutter clearing. Clutter Clearing is based on organising your house, making it pleasing to the eye, cleaning your house. Sure, everyone might feel better with a more organised desk, but let’s not make the mistake of thinking that is all there is to Feng Shui. It is not what Feng Shui is all about. Feng Shui is so much deeper than just sweeping your floor. If you like Clutter clearing, and think that can work wonders, then you will love the traditional Feng Shui even more.

However, for those of you who have already cleared your clutter and you still have not gotten the results you wanted, now you know why. Why not take our course and use the real thing for results? Once you take our course, and start using the real thing, you will be able to spot what's traditional and what's not from a mile away.

Interior design - Feng Shui is not about just making a house look nice. A house could have beautiful interiors but still have features in it that can cause miscarriages, bad health, adultery. I have seen many beautiful interior designed houses but the people inside feel depressed, happy relationships turn argumentative & thoughts of divorce come up where before there was none.

Intuitive Feng Shui - You can do this on yourself, but not on people who are paying you to find solution to their problems. What if you are having an off day and your intuition is wrong? Feng Shui is not about being psychic in your house. That is why when professionals do it, they do it using formulas instead of just how they feel about a place. If you need your back checked, would you go to an intuitive chiropractor or a real one, someone who has studied it?

Why is Feng Shui so popular?
In a nutshell, to put it bluntly because everybody including me and you, agree that life is short and most people don’t want to be wasting their time living unfulfilled lives. Anybody who keeps on suffering from setbacks knows that time does not wait for them and they are not going to reach their potential if they keep getting knocked back everytime they are just about to get ahead! In fact, never mind their potential, they never get anywhere! You just feel frustrated and fed up! Time is always ticking whether we like it or not, so who wants to keep doing the same thing and just “hope” things will get better?

People want more control over their lives and will take steps to get it. So when Feng Shui finally emerged from the East to the West, and people started getting results, it grew like wild fire. It is being embraced and is being use by more and more people in the Western world.

Feng Shui is great because it can make life easier and more comfortable for you. It can give you the Edge. It is for people who have already done what they know, the obvious things like work harder and longer hours, etc. But when hard work still doesn't work, you ask yourself why? Is it because you are just a loser and therefore resign your life to losing, and give up, put up with the rubbish you hate? Or maybe its negative impact of bad Feng Shui (negative cause and effect of the environment) working against you? Many people beat themselves up and get depressed when they don't have too. It may be they are tapping into bad energies that give them bad luck, not them. They just don't know about it. With the knowledge of how these energies work, people can find solutions where before there could see none.

In today's modern age, where there is so much uncertainty, life is so hectic and fast paced, its more necessary than ever to restore balance to our lives. Whenever there is imbalance in nature, there will be trouble. Those who go against nature will not win, they will always lose. But like our brains, and our human body, we don't all automatically know, just through being born how our brains and bodies work. We have to learn about biology, study and digest what was taught to understand to know how it all works. Same as in Feng Shui, it takes time to learn how the science of the magnetic energies work in our homes, our buildings, on us.

Once you know how it works, then you can use its natural energies to help you be the best that you can be. Yes, life can be a lot smoother and happier. Remember, Feng Shui is for people who are already trying but still haven't had results from their hard work. So if that is you, then don't keep doing the same thing and expect change, do something different! You can either learn more about Feng Shui in my interactive courses, or have a professional consultation in your residence or business.

Remember, Feng Shui is just like gravity, you don't need to believe in it or have studied its laws for it to affect you. Feng Shui is about measuring types of energy. It is a science that's been tried, tested and proven... If bad Feng Shui is the cause, then good Feng Shui is the cure!!

Do all Chinese use Feng Shui?
No. Definitely not, that's a big misconception. Feng Shui is not something taught in the school ciriculum like algebra. If you want to learn, you must find a teacher and pay to be trained, just like learning anything else. There are some symbolic elements to Feng Shui which are widespread and easily accessible to everyone regardless of nationality and with very little training. You can see some of that in the English books available. But the most powerful parts of Feng Shui that give it its mystical and legendary powers involve calculations of environmental energies and the persons own energies. These are tapped using special formulas, therefore high level traditional Feng Shui is largely restricted to an elite few who are able to seek out and hire the skilled technical aide required to apply it. In addition, it’s use in China has been suppressed by the Communist Government there since they came to power. That is why most Feng Shui today is taught by Masters from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

So here it is, if you are do have some problems and you are now finally serious about changing it, find out more by taking our courses or give us a call and book an onsite consultation.

An onsite one to one consultation is about helping you to transform your life to one where you can find your destiny and reach your full potential. Its about helping you go from A where you are now, to B where you want to be. It is for people who are serious about bringing out the best in themselves and enjoying life to the full.

The smartest investment you will ever make is in yourself

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