Good Moves at the BBC Good Homes Show

The NEC Birmingham played host to the BBC Good Homes Show. An inspirational mix of exhibitors, features and experts there demonstrated just about everything imaginable for your home.

BBC Good Homes Show logoOur Angela Ang was one of the official show highlights with her workshops on Feng Shui. For those of you who did make it, we present a photo view of the show’s highlights and for those of you who didn’t make it, here’s what you missed!

The calm before the storm… It took three whole days of preparation (not to mention the months of planning!) to set the stage for the BBC Good Homes Show. One of the most interesting features of the show was this, Inspration Avenue, a unique collection of showrooms designed by some of the biggest and freshest names in the business today.
There were many booths on Inspiration Avenue. I liked this one as there were cushions and throws everywhere. It’s important to have the feeling of warmth and love in your home. If you get too minimalist you can loose the feeling of your home being yours to enjoy! In traditional Feng Shui we don’t get too hung up about possessions, and many of us came to it because we want abundance.
See what I mean! Whilst the space and openess of this room is nice, having only a small cabinet in the bedroom just makes me think about being a poor student. I have far too many nice clothes to survive in a room like this, don’t you?! Although there is nothing “wrong” with this room, I wouldn’t live like that or expect my customers to.
All this needs is a toad and this’ll be like the Malaysian jungle! I’m sure I have a three legged toad somewhere..! Keeping plants is a good way to enhance your environment, especially big leaves ones like these. Be sure to keep them healthy and vibrant – if you don’t have much light in your room, try rotating which plant gets the bright spots by the window so that all stay happy.
This is a nice balance. There is plenty of atmospheric ambient lighting without an excessively Yang main light and this brings out the best in the natural colours and contemporary styling. The orchids are a nice touch and are a popular symbol for love in Feng Shui but they can be hard to keep. If you aren’t greenfingered you can boost your love luck by displaying a good photo of them.
Traditional Buddhist opinion, shared by countless other Hindus, Taoists and forward thinking Westerners, is that it’s best not to have products which have been created by causing harm to others as this can bring negative energy with it. If we must use an animal, then we must perform prayers for it’s quick rebirth to show our thanks for it. This is one of the reasons why silk is a favourite with the Chinese – no one need be skinned to make the most wonderful fabric!
If you want to make your space seem bigger, there are some great ideas out there. In this room, rectangular boards are contrasted with dark canes. The result? A taller room… or a smaller me!
Freelancer Franky was our official photographer for the Good Homes Show. He only used the one camera seen here. So how did he manage to take this shot of himself?
Anyone who’s been to the NEC knows it is absolutely huge! Having auditted the NEC last year, I’m acutely aware of just how much there is to see at the BBC Good Homes Show which occupies three of the NEC’s vast halls. This is where I spent most of my time – the Good Moves Workshop which was by the Celebrity Theatre.
And here’s why! Everyday at 12.50pm and 3.50pm I gave special talks on Feng Shui. When you know your stuff and are 100% convinced of the power of Feng Shui because of your own experience, sharing your insight with others is a joy. I’d like to extend a big thank you to all those of you who came to my talks and sent so much positive energy back to me.
The talks were really well received and it was nice to see such a broad range of people expressing an interest. Feng Shui isn’t a plaything for bored rich housewives – everyone can benefit. And the broad range of backgrounds, ages and occupations of those attending the packed out workshops showed just that.
Many of the participants in the workshop identified ways in which Feng Shui was already affecting them or those they knew.
Who wishes that they had more energy? A better sex drive? Mmmm, eight of you. Who wishes that their partner had more energy and a better sex drive? Ladies, ladies, calm down!
For me, when I do a big show like Good Homes, I have an extremely demanding schedule. I’ll normally only get five or six hours sleep each day for around a week. But because I know how to tap into the good energies in the environment, even within the confines of a hotel room, I can still be playful, animated and bubbling over with enthusiasm during my talks. The lack of sleep never bothers me because my good Feng Shui keeps my mind and body energised.
Oh my, this is serious… What type of Feng Shui can cause your finger to turn into Hong Kong Fuey? Being in the Good Moves Workshop with me of course!
It’s contagious! With my little assistant and the help of the audience, I was able to make everyone aware that you don’t need to believe in Feng Shui for it to affect you. Energies are working on us all the time, and like gravity, they require no belief for them to exist. Feng Shui has two sides – a symbolic side, which uses objects to increase auspiciousness and an energetic side which is very scientific.
Another thing that is really important to know is that the consultant is only diagnosing what is already there. Say you went to a doctor and some time later you fall ill. Did he make you ill? Equally, if you start to use Feng Shui, and later have some trouble, it may not be due to the changes you made. In many cases I’ve seen, the problem was already there and because the owners used Feng Shui they were able to avoid the full impact than if they’d simply left things be.
We also spent some time looking at ways of working with the energy in an imperfect situation. Some of the ones discussed are fairly well known, like this Convex Bagua Mirror. This is used to protect an entrance to the house from surges of Chi that may be caused by a T-Junction, tree, lamp post or other structure angled at the door.
Lastly, I’d just like to give a special thanks Liz at the BBC and Rita and Laurence at Brand Events for putting together such a fabulous show. Thanks to everyone who came, especially Franky and Jemma and congratulations to Nicolette on winning a fridge-freezer just after buying one of my lucky amulets. From me and the entire team here at Rising Dragon Feng Shui, I hope you had a great day out and that we’ll see you all again soon!