Seni 2003 – A Fighting Spectacle

The weekend of the 26th and 27th April saw the NEC Birmingham play host to Europe’s largest Martial Arts Exhibition – the Seni Combat Sports Show. Rising Dragon Feng Shui attended along with the Nam Yang Pugilistic Association and thousands of enthusiasts from around the UK. Here we show some of our highlights of the weekend:

Nam Yang were the official Lion Dancers and provided a captivating moment when they displayed their skills
After the Lion Dance, the Nam Yang demonstration included empty handed forms…
…washing the face with broken glass to demonstrate how Iron Shirt Chi Gung prevents injury…
…and a self defence demonstration to illustrate that the traditional forms and techniques taught at Nam Yang are still highly effective and very relevant. The display by Nam Yang Pugilistic Association attracted a large crowd and was very well received.
A welcome performance was made this year by Sifu Wan Kei Ho of Hong Kong who was visiting as a guest of the Lau Fat Mang World Eagle Claw Kung Fu Association.
Sifu Wan displayed a wide range of disciplines including Tai Chi, Bagua, and Hsing-i. Bagua presents an interesting form as it involves using the eight directions, just as Feng Shui does.
One of the things which might not be so apparent in the stillness of a photograph is the ease of movement displayed by all the traditional Kung Fu practitioners. The ability to move from soft and relaxed to fast and explosive characterises many traditional forms.
Sifu Wan made an interesting Iron Shirt Chi Gung display by having the tip of a sword lodged on his throat. When the sword was pressed in so hard that it bent, Sifu Wan was still able to talk on the microphone. This demonstrated that his windpipe was unimpaired.
A paving slab was placed on his back, which, while the sword remained on his throat, was then forcibly broken.
Sifu Wan and Angela. The Chi Gung demos caused only a red mark to appear on his throat – there weren’t any cuts!
Another highlight to the show was an intense performance by the Korean Special Forces who enacted some tight situations…
…leaving bodies flying in all directions! Everyone watching had to admire the skill of these men as they really were going for one another flat out.
Also in attendance was Sifu Yan Xin, the master at the UK’s second Shaolin Temple in Southampton.