The Grimsby Entrepreneur’s Feng Shui

Angela Ang and Tet Ho at a Feng Shui consultation in Grimsby

North East Lincolnshire is a small but diverse area on the east coast of the UK where the Humber estuary meets the North Sea.

The adjoining towns of Grimsby and Cleethorpes form the largest centres of population, with the major container port of Immingham to the north. Rising Dragon Feng Shui went to Grimsby to meet a man striving to boost local business so we could look at how Feng Shui in Grimsby can support businesses and share ideas.

Malaysian born Chinese, Tet Ho founded the Grimsby based eMarketing company, b2b Commerce Ltd. and has served as its director for eight years. Their recent work has won a number of Lincolnshire based firms marketing awards at a national level and has proved highly successful.

Angela Ang and Tet Ho at a Feng Shui consultation in Grimsby

Angela Ang and Tet Ho at a Feng Shui consultation in Grimsby

“We focus on providing internet solutions with a commercial focus” states Tet, “and we are very serious about helping our customers get ahead. Although the traditional fishing industry of Grimsby declined from the 70s, other industries flourished. Today, Grimsby is known for food and remains one of the country’s biggest fish markets. There are many small businesses here, and as a Chinese, I understand the significant role Feng Shui plays in creating success”.

The study of business Feng Shui is a different discipline from the study of residential Feng Shui. For example in the Far East it is common for Feng Shui masters to charge a fee of around $3,000 for locating the desk of the owner. While this seems a shocking sum of money to some Westerners, this really is money well spent as having the most essential seat masterfully placed will help secure success in career and business. This is particularly evident in small businesses and for the self employed where success may depend on the fortune of one individual. Bad Feng Shui will make you slow, mentally impair your judgment and over time depression and negativity will take hold. It is often a slow, painful downhill spiral towards financial insolvency. Positioning the desk is not an easy calculation to make as only a well trained consultant will know how to generate success for you. Fortunately for you we don’t charge a bank breaking fee of $3,000… yet!

Some points required to position the desk like avoiding sitting directly facing the door or too far from the wall are relatively straightforward. However you should also know that one will need to use either one’s most auspicious direction from the twelve two hour periods, or failing that one must at least use one’s ‘peaceful’ directions. The physical move itself must only be made on a lucky date and should take place within an auspicious hour. As you can see there is so much complexity for just one part of the Feng Shui audit!

Tet has just recently launched a new initiative to help bring additional opportunity to his clients. Called The Entrepreneur Network, it allows small to medium business owners and self employed to meet and network online. Every successful business owner understands how important it is to find opportunities to meet new people. Making new connections can literally change circumstances overnight.

“In business you need to keep on making new contacts all the time” said Tet. “I’ve been in the business for a long time and I’m able to tell who’s serious. That’s why I went to Rising Dragon Feng Shui. I only wanted my audit to be done by a Chinese practitioner like Angela Ang, who would have the right background, training and skills to make a real difference”.

We gave Tet a number of recommendations during our Feng Shui consultation which he is now implementing. We’ve forecast a period of good luck approaching him; by taking sound Feng Shui advice he will be able to maximise his positive potential and reduce the effects of bad luck substantially.

Grand Master Sheng-yen Lu said the following:

Why is the business desk or writing desk so important? The reason is fairly simple. When the desk is properly set up, it is aided by the land spirits. This helps to set all things in harmony. Sitting at the desk, you feel energetic and spirited and you feel that your memory is wonderful and everything is completed to your satisfaction.

If the desk is not properly set up, the magnetic force of the land and that of your own repel one another. Even if you want to stir yourself, you don’t have the energy. As soon as you sit at the desk, you keep yawning, with tears, or dizzy, dispirited, more dead than alive. Finally, everything seems to be getting wrong – your business starts going downhill, steadily and irresistibly, your chances never to return.