Rising Dragon Feng Shui’s website wins the Best Of Websites Award from ByRegion.net


Rising Dragon Feng Shui’s website, www.rising-dragon.co.uk, was this month award the Best of Websites Award from ByRegion.net. ByRegion.net is an Ashville, USA based global resource for holistic therapies and alternative arts.

ByRegion Healers Award
ByRegion Healers Award

Susan Parker, spokeswoman for ByRegion.net said: ‘This award is presented by the Editors of ByRegion.net in recognition of websites that demonstrate excellence and that contribute to the local Arts or Healing Community.

The following criteria have been used to qualify for this award:


  • There is substantial content that supports the Arts or Healing community.
  • The website design is reader-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • The website demonstrates community support by linking to art related websites.
  • The website demonstrates integrity, excellence and creativity.
  • There is a positive message for the website’s visitors.


We have reviewed your website, and it certainly qualifies for our ByRegion Award. Good job! We are happy to be associated with your website!’

Rising Dragon Feng Shui is an established Feng Shui Consultancy nationwide across the UK. All our Feng Shui Consultants have undergone traditional Feng Shui training, ensuring your utmost satisfaction with our Feng Shui service and expertise. Rising Dragon Feng Shui are proud to accept such an accolade in recognition of our commitment to bringing only authentic traditional Chinese Feng Shui to the public view.