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Since 2000, Rising Dragon Feng Shui has been dedicated to providing the essential resources of caring, educating and inspiring, as well as providing specific insights to help people immediately transform the quality of their lives. Our award winning international Feng Shui master consultant, Angela Ang is based in London and would like to help you wherever you are right now.

Feng Shui consultations

With students of our online Feng Shui courses in every continent, many testimonials from well known businesses and celebrities about our Feng Shui consultants, we'd like to help you face life's challenges with positivity. Would you like to learn Feng Shui or find out about having your Feng Shui done for you?

What's New on Rising Dragon Feng Shui?

Master Ang Speaking at Surrey Beds Sleep Solutions Seminar
Come along for a night of expert views on sleep problems from chiropractors to Feng Shui masters

Feng Shui Consultations in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
For parts of July and August 2014, Master Angela Ang will be available in Vancouver and surrounding areas of BC, Canada. Find out more and make a booking.

Trinh's Feng Shui Testimonial
A long time Feng Shui user and fellow Buddhist, Trinh tells us why she consults Master Angela Ang

Master Angela Ang talks London Feng Shui on BBC World
BBC World look for the story behind London's rocketing property sector and unearth a story of Feng Shui and Chinese investors

Feng Shui for Pregnancy
A look at many years of work helping couples conceive using Feng Shui for pregnancy

Feng Shui Consultation of London's Embassy Gardens Property Development
Master Angela Ang performs a Feng Shui audit of London's new major - and now fastest selling - property development in Battersea by the new US Embassy. Official press release on 3rd party site.

Anita and Henrik - Video Testimonial
With over 8 years of Feng Shui consultations behind them, Anita and Henrik share a journey that's taken them overseas, through jobs and to the birth of their three strapping sons.

Feng Shui For Love!
Read a client's testimonial on how her love life was changed by a Feng Shui consultation

Photo tour of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Barcelona's Feng Shui released
To commemorate the launch of this outstanding 5 star boutique hotel and spa, we put together a photo tour of the launch party and Angela's Feng Shui blessing ceremony.

Feng Shui at Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Feng Shui

Bally Sagoo & Angela

Bally Sagoo and Angela

Free Feng Shui Essentials

Feng Shui Essentials Course

Feng Shui at the BBC

Feng Shui at the BBC Good Homes Show

Global Feng Shui Consultant

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